Wednesday, August 3, 2016

January in August...

Here I am in August, blogging about January.  Where have all the bloggers gone?
I'll tell you where.  Instagram & Snapchat, I'm looking at you...  Your convenience has made us bloggers lazy.  But it is what it is, I digress.

Last year (2015) definitely had ups and downs.  I had an emergency appendectomy in January.  Hagan's WBC was way off and we thought the worst, but turned out it was mono.  We were homeless for 2 months & shacked up with family!  Then, we moved into the house, which was wonderful, but very stressful.  Both of my grandparents passed away and my mom broke her wrist on two separate occasions.  Oh and the oilfield pretty much crashed.

We were all ready to see 2016.
There is no person I would rather do life with than this handsome man right here.
He is everything to me.
These two hooligans are pretty special too!
We celebrated Coco turning FIVE!!!
Pickett spent the night with us!!!  We adore her...
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Since they were in town, we decided to have a dental hygiene reunion & baby play date.
I mean, how cute are these kids?  Love each and every one of them.  
Dude decided he wanted a brother.
When they all left, we were all like...
So sad that we don't get to see them more often.  Sometimes distance is the devil.
But we had a few other play dates that lifted our spirits.

And a "sucker cake" from Target will cure any blues that you might have.
Thanks for reading for those of you who are still hanging around.  

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