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It all started when Sarah called and asked if we wanted to go to Disney World for Spring Break.  I said YES, Rudy said NO. We took dude when he was three, so we decided to do a girls trip this time:)  With the oil field in a grim state, we could only go if we got a super good deal.  Military discounted tickets, sharing rooms, and driving saved us a ton of money!  Like, Annie and I went to Disney for 800 dollars.  I can't wait to show ya'll pictures and give Disney tidbits. 
WE HAD THE BEST TIME EVER!  Let's get a few travel questions out of the way...

Where is dude?
Dude was at home with daddy!  I asked him if he wanted to go to Disney or have a boys week with daddy and of course he chose dad.  He's already been and we owed sissy a Disney trip.  It was nice because the first time, the focus was all on dude and boy things.  This time the focus was all on sister and princess things.  Plus, I really didn't wanna be outnumbered by small children and possibly lose a kid at Disney World.  Just sayin.

Fly or Drive?
We flew last time and drove this time.  Honestly, I don't think I'll ever fly again.  If you can't get a straight flight, then it's just not worth the money.  We didn't mind the drive at all!!!  And we drove with a two, three, and four year old.  We rented a Town and Country Van with a TV & were there in 11 hours total travel time!  It was nice to be able to bring food & more luggage and not worry about fitting it on an airplane.  We left the house at 4 AM (definitely do this!!!) and checked in at Pop Century by 4:00.  By the way, we are all obsessed with the van.  Like it will be my next vehicle.  

Where to Stay?
POP CENTURY.  We stayed both times here!  You cannot beat the price and bus situation- unless you are going during free dining, then I would stay somewhere nicer to get better dining options.  It's kind of like a BIG Motel 6, but we love it.  I've definitely stayed in nicer places, but who cares. The food court is great and it doesn't share a bus with any other resorts!  

Dining Plan?
We did the dining plan last time and liked it.  We didn't do the dining plan this time and liked it.  We went with hungry husbands last time, so it was worth it!  We decided not to do it this time because we didn't get ADR (advanced dining reservations) because we only booked our trip 2 months out & we are a group of girls that don't eat as much as guys.  FYI- You have to pay for alcohol & tips even if you are on the dining plan.  We split a few meals & enjoyed not having to make a ton of dinner reservations!  We feel like it gave us more time to enjoy the parks.  Another FYI- Pop Century's hamburgers and tie dye cheesecakes are legit.  Take snacks and bottled waters in your book bags:)

Best Age to go?
ANY AGE OVER ONE.  Seriously, if you feel like you can do it and your kids will enjoy it, then GO.  The whole oh they won't remember it nonsense- Who cares!!!  I REMEMBER IT.  I will never forget Annie's 10 minute conversation with Cinderella that brought tears to my eyes.  Or dude's face when he saw characters for the first time.  Or how he still talks about the Haunted Mansion, because of course it was one of his favorites.  Or that I've never see Annie June happier.  I promise you there will be meltdowns, but I promise you that Disney is MAGICAL.  I personally feel like three is the perfect age.  Annie June talks about Disney every day & dude still remembers going.  Buddy has been at age 3 & almost 5 and he enjoyed both times equally.   So, anytime is a good time to go!  

My biggest Disney Tip? 
Plan. Plan. Plan.  It's fun to plan & you get more bang for your buck.  

We were really pumped to see this sign!!!  We may or may not have screamed!!!

The kids were really excited to go to Disney Springs that I still call Downtown Disney.  

As a souvenir, we Picked-a-Pearl.  I got a Cinderella locket from Ebay & then we went to the Pearl Factory to let the girls pick an Oyster!  You can also pick a pearl in Japan in Epcot.  It was a great keepsake that only cost 25 bucks total.  Sissy loves hers:)

And while we're onto tidbits, we borrowed almost every outfit!

After the carousel ride, we headed back to good ole Pop Century & rested up for Disney Day One.  

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