Tuesday, March 29, 2016


The squad spend day two at Epcot.  There are SO many precious pictures from this day!  But first, I have to post this specific picture taken on this day.  It's my favorite picture of the whole trip.
Oh I love that princess!  Oh I love that castle!  I loved this day so very much!

Yes, squad's still matching.
We went to Epcot on day two because they opened an hour early.  It's called EMH (Extra Magic Hours) and it's only available to those who stay at a Disney resort.
Ashley and I rode Spaceship Earth, one of my favorites!  She didn't like it because Collins put her settings on Portuguese and she had no clue what was going on, haha!  It's so cheesy, but I love it.
The girls bonded over chasing squirrels and birds.
We got real excited to see Mickey & his friends.  Epcot Character Spot is awesome!
 This is how Annie feels about Buddy.  Her name is Annie and she likes warm hugs.
The Epcot Character Spot is a do not miss in Epcot, even for adults.  
Next, we rode Nemo, Turtle Talk with Crush, and Living with the Land.
Then, we stopped for free cokes at Club Cool.  
This guy was too cool for Club Cool.
We decided to go ahead on to the World Showcase since it opened at 11:00.  We entered the World Showcase through Mexico last time (which is awesome because you can get a margarita to go, ya feel me?) but this time we entered through Canada.  Fate brought us to these next characters.  
They were in an alleyway to the right, somewhere between Canada & France.  We had no clue they were there, because they weren't on the times guide, so it was a pleasant surprise!  No lines & Buddy got to see his favorite, Pluto!  Yay!
We decided to go ahead and make our way toward Morocco, because we all wanted to see Aladdin & Jasmine.  Their line can get pretty long. 
We enjoyed the topiaries, since our trip was during Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival.  How cool is Peter Pan on the roof???  The kids loved it!

We decided to do lunch in Italy at Via Napoli! We all split a four cheese pizza & it was great.   I bought sister a 5 dollar fan in Japan & you would have thought I had given her a million dollars.  She. was. so. proud.
We stopped in Germany for a pic to send to Annie's great grandmother who lives in Germany.
After this busy day, it was time for Margarita's & naps.
 Cheers to napping kids!
We continued to browse the worlds while the kids napped, then we took the monorail to Magic Kingdom.  Soarin' was closed (boo, it's the coolest ride ever) so we decided to use this day's FastPasses for an evening at Magic Kingdom.  Taking the monorail from Epcot to MK is super easy & the kids don't ever have to get out of the stroller.  They slept an hour in Epcot and an hour in Magic Kingdom.  Park Hopper tickets are SO worth it!  We had 4 day park hopper tickets & got to do 2 full days at Magic Kingdom because we could park hop.  

We got to catch an afternoon parade!
Parades are a good way to see all your favorite characters!  Some will even come and say hello:)
After this, Sarah & Buddy went to do boy stuff and us girls did Enchanted Tales with Belle.  The standby line was 60 minutes, but we didn't have anything else to do!  Afternoons are just busy, pretty much everything has a wait!  We just passed out suckers & watched the Ipad as we waited in line.  It was our longest wait for sure, but we didn't mind the downtime!  I would FP it next time though for sure!  
Annie got picked to be the teacup in the skit.  It was so cute.  When Princess Belle walked in she yelled loudly, "Happy Birthday Princess Belle!"  HA.  She thinks every holiday is a birthday.
The picture quality is terrible, but the girls loved this experience!  Up next, was our FP with Tinkerbell.  We should have switched this one for Belle, because at least you can wait inside with air for Tink.  She was absolutely adorable though!  
After Tink, we did an outfit change into our Mom Approved Costume.  Nutella waffle proof, super affordable, machine washable, and non-itchy.  We LOVE our Cinderella dress.  If I were you, I would bring a Princess dress with you.  Collins about had a fit when Annie had one and she didn't, so 90 bucks later, she was a happy camper!  The dresses are expensive at Disney.  It was like their whole disposition changed when we dressed them up like princesses.  They were so happy!  
We used our FP to meet Rapunzel and Cinderella.  Cinderella is sissy's favorite princess.  Cue my favorite moment of the entire trip.
When you meet Cinderella for the first time, you have to show her your shoes!!!  It's all about the shoes:)
Ya'll, Annie June could be in a Disney commercial.  She had a 10 minute conversation with Cinderella that was so precious it brought tears to my eyes.  Everyone in the room could have eaten her up, including Cinderella.  It went something like this, "Cinderbella did you lose your slipper?  That's ok I'll help you find it.  I love you, Cinderbella.  I'll take you to the ball.  Don't worry I'll take you to the ball."  
Collins loved the princesses just as much!  She cheesed it up!
I love love love these princess pictures. 
We met up with Buddy & Sarah and devoured nutella waffles at Sleepy Hollow.  Then, used our last FP and rode the Jungle Cruise.  We headed to Tomorrowland next, which by the way is busy at night time.  Now I know why.  DANCE PARTY!
 Buddy danced his little heart out.  It was so fun to watch!
Ok, so the next picture is a funny story.  This little boy came across the dance floor to dance with Collins.  As in, he sought her out & was begging her to dance with him.  It was hysterical!  She wasn't having it, so I tapped him on the shoulder and told him to go ask the girl in blue.  He did and they danced the night away!  His mom and our group was dying laughing at the situation.  It starts early, sigh.

We did The Carousel of Progress, while Sarah & Buddy rode Tomorrowland Speedway.  I HAVE to ride the Carousel of Progress, because it was Walt's "baby" so to speak.  He loved it, so I love it. Ashley was like- um when is this gonna be over, haha!  It was around 9:00, so we headed back to the hotel because "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow."

Notes: Girls FP were for Tinkerbell 5-6, Rapunzel & Cinderella 6-7, Jungle Cruise 7-8
Sarah & Jacob's FP were Seven Dwarf's Mine Train 5-6, Thunder Mountain Railroad 6-7, Jungle Cruise 7-8