Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Welcome to Day Three!

Squad's still matching in our Sleeping Beauty shirts:)
We arrived right before park opening around 7:45 AM, because it was another day with EMH.  Ashley and I did the Elsa & Anna 5k first.  Their lines get long & FP are pretty much impossible to get, so people speed walk to their attraction first thing. Hence, the nickname- Elsa & Anna 5k.  Buddy was not interested in seeing any princesses, so they went to do boy stuff & laughed at us speed walking.  We were some determined mommas.

Next, we rode Winnie the Pooh & teacups.  The kids loved the teacups so much that they rode it twice!  Sarah and I just can't stomach the spinning teacups.  I can barely stand watch them spin. Blaah...
The kids got to meet Alice!
Next, we let the kids pick out a present at Big Top Souvenirs in Fantasyland.  Then, we went to Pete's Silly Side Show and saw Minnie & Daisy.  There was no one in line & it was so cute!
 "Minnie, I love you so much." - Annie June
We did the whole Fantasyland Circuit next!  The girls absolutely loved the Barnstormer.
Jacob & Sarah hopped on the train that takes you all around MK, while we went to see Aurora.  If you download Disney's MDE app, it has a character locater on it.  Also, the times guide when you first get to the park will have a list of character meet & greets.   Last time we went to Disney with all boys, we were like who is the princess in pink???  Now we have her on our shirts. #girlmom
Next, we FP Journey of the Little Mermaid ride & buddy was nice enough to help a sister out.  He was so sweet to her, it was like dude was there with us:)

We ate lunch at Peco's Bill & then used our FP to meet Ariel.  Peco's Bill is a great restaurant if you aren't in the mood for burgers or something fried.
Our group was a little obsessed with Ariel.  Ashley was really obsessed with Ariel.  Move over kids, mama wants her pic with Ariel!
Collins wanted a mint, so I gave her one and it showed up in our Ariel pics.  Oops.  I just cannot tell that princess no.  I love her so much!  Sorry Ashley:)
After Ariel, it was around noon and the kids were exhausted, so they passed out!
I needed a pick me up.  The Starbucks line was one of the longest lines that we stood in our whole trip, but it was so worth it.  I re-energized while looking at my favorite castle.  Winning!
After naps, we FP Peter Pan's Flight.  The kids LOVED it:)  Annie June said in her sleep that night, "We saved Wendy."  Bless.
Here's a little secret.  Right before they do the castle show, they close down the castle walkway & you can twirl in front of the castle with an unobstructed view.
A castle shot with no one in the background is a big deal!  Of course, you should always do a shoe check in front of Cinderella's Castle.  A shoe can change your life, you know.
It was around 3PM and we were feeling energized from coffee and naps, so we decided to go to Hollywood Studios & check it out.  Transportation can be kind of tricky, but there's a bus that goes directly from Magic Kingdom to Hollywood Studios.  I'm glad we went, because it ended up raining on our Hollywood Studios day!
We saw the Disney Junior characters & Annie June was in heaven when she saw Sofia.  

Disney Junior Live on Stage is such a fun show for small children!  It's a series of short skits that include Doc Mcstuffins, Sofia the First, and Jake & the Neverland Pirates.  It's a glorified puppet show with bubbles, snow, and gold doubloons falling from the ceiling.   All the kids loved it.

I have this same picture with bubba!  He loved this show:)  I really  missed my boys!
It was early evening, so we caught a bus back to Pop Century and got a bacon cheeseburger that was divine.
Since sister was on her best behavior, I bought her a pair of Minnie ears.  Her very first pair of ears:)
We had a "totally awesome" day!  

A few tidbits-
We loved having matching shirts.  We got so many compliments on them & when we got separated from each other, all we had to do was look for a big pink bow!  We bought them from an Etsy shop called DollysBow.  PAY ATTENTION TO ETSY SHIPPING TIMES.  All the shirts I ordered from Etsy took around 4 weeks to come in!
Fastpasses for the day were Mermaid ride 10:30-11:30, Meet Ariel 12-1:00, and Peter Pan's Flight 1:30-2:30.  There was an 80% chance of rain on this day that took a turn at the last minute,  Praise the Lord.  Florida's weather is known for changing by the hour.  The predicted crowd level was 9 out of 10 on this day.
As a prize for being good throughout the day, I packed "gold doubloons"  It was a bag of gold coins that I got for a dollar at Target.  The girls weren't too impressed and would rather have suckers, but Buddy would do anything for one.  He would count his gold doubloons at the end of every day and was so proud of them.  Bribery works folks, don't go to Disney without it.
Also, I have to give a HUGE shout out to my friend Becca who let us borrow these precious Disney shirts that she handmade.  I ordered the tutu from Zulily to match the shirt we borrowed.
Our last day- Hollywood Studios coming up next!

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