Wednesday, December 9, 2015


In October we...
  • Celebrated sissy's 3rd & dude's 5th birthday.
  • This stud had school pictures.
  • He also had his first school field trip to the Pumpkin Patch.
Dude's face accurately sums up how we felt when it was over.  It was fun, but anytime you have 95 preschoolers, it's gonna be a tad chaotic.  
  • This hot mess kept us laughing.
Here she is giving me the finger, ha.  She's mostly sweet, with a little bit of salt.  She's also a sneaky little mouse.  She likes to put things where they don't belong, like a rag in our washer machine's pump.  A hundred bucks and a repair man later, our washer is back in business.  Thanks sister.
  • We trick-or-treated in Grammy's neighborhood with the Thompsons.
  • We also partied at co co's for Halloween.  I laugh because every kid at the party was a super hero, except dude.  He wanted to be a skeleton, the kid loves Halloween way more than he should.  I blame Mammy.  
  • Speaking of Mammy, we celebrated her birthday in October also!
  • Dude had a lot of fun dressing up for Homecoming week.  I bet he said "Go Hawks" 100 times.
  • However, he did not enjoy wearing pink for breast cancer awareness day.

  • That's our October (posted in December).  Better late than never right?  Thanks for reading.

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