Wednesday, April 29, 2015


This year's beach trip did not disappoint!  The weather forecast predicted rain every day we were there, but thankfully it was wrong!!!  That's the only downfall of the beach is the unpredictable weather, but it turned in our favor.  Now, we all love the beach, but my dude takes it to another level.  That boy LOVES the beach.  He had a health scare at the end of March (long story, but he is 100% back to normal)  & we promised him a beach trip.  So to Orange Beach we went!

Somehow they get cuter each beach trip!  Love these beach babies & matching swimsuits SO SO much.
I love those three people so much!
Rudy and dude's favorite part of the trip was catching sand crabs at night.  They probably caught over 50 in the three days we were there!

Annie June is something else these days.  Girlfriend put on a show in front of this group of people and then got in their laps.
What are we gonna do with her?!
She also kisses monkeys
We went back to the Orange Beach Zoo, because it is literally the best zoo ever.  It's small with cool animals and you get to touch pretty much every single one of them.  We did the monkey encounter & it was something I'll never forget.  At one point in time, I had 2 in my lap & 1 on my head.
We went to eat at Cobalt & The Shrimp Basket (of course)!!!  The kids enjoyed their first virgin daiquiri and it was a big hit!
This picture of dude made us check to make sure it was a virgin, haha!  It cracks me up...

He liked to post up in this chair and just take in the view.  This is just one thing that he does that reminds me of my sweet daddy.  Dude's got a lot of Jimbo in him.
We dined one night on the balcony & enjoyed the sunset!
 The only picture I think I made it in the whole trip!
We went to the Track and let the kids ride go-carts & rides.  They loved it!!!
Y'all, look at this sweet pony.  It's taken 2 1/2 years to get it and I am so very proud of it.  
This also happened while on the trip.  A pet hermit crab is like a right of passage as a kid.  We named him Rupus & he was undoubtedly the meanest hermit in existence.  He pinched AJ on the finger and the lips (she tried to give him a kiss) & pinched dude twice.  We talked dude into letting him go see his mama on the last day of the trip. 
That's a wrap, folks!

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