Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What's Picken Chickens?! (a catch up post)

Long time no see blog friends:)

  • We are mid spring break around here and I have to ask- does it make me a bad parent to hate spring break?!  I'm sure I'll be changing my tune when they are in school full time, but for now it's cramping our style.   They sure are cute though!
  • In January, the day Rudy left for work, I had an emergency appendectomy.  It actually wasn't all that bad thanks to family & friends for helping with the kiddos!

  • Our hands are full with Santa Claus & Lady Gaga.
  • Girlfriend loves some makeup.  She normally sticks to just lipgloss thank goodness.  

  • She also loves to hide from me.
  • I couldn't find her one day & heard her giggling in the nightstand.  I'm still not sure how she got in there.  The other day, she told me " I a hot mess mama"  Yes, yes you are Annie June.
  • Your brother is too.
  • Dude had a Valentine's Day Party at school & I think sister had more fun than he did.

  •  Dude's sweet teacher sometimes lets her visit brother's class.  She sat down at the table & said "hey frans hey"  like she owned the place, then stuffed her face with about 4 cupcakes.  
  • We love Ella!!!

  • Sarah and I took the kids to the natural science museum, a circus, and backyard burger.  

  • Wouldn't be a catch up post without mentioning our house situation.  Well, the rental we live in is under contract & we have to be out by the end of the month.  Our house won't be ready to move into until the end of May, so we are gonna post up with family.  I'm sure they are thrilled.  
  • I mean, who wouldn't wanna live with Santa and Lady Gaga who color on walls?!?!
  • I snapped this selfie to send to Rudy one day when we were squeezed in the back seat headed to the land & please look at AJ's face.  Girl is always camera ready.

  •  Our kitchen is finally finished & just got a coat of primer!!!!  Eek I LOVE the way it turned out. The first island is a prep island with a sink, dishwasher, and trash can.  The second island is just for serving & to sit at.  

  • Two special babies celebrated their first birthday!!!
  • AJ found her a boyfriend.
  • We were so upset to miss sweet Davis's party thanks to the stomach bug.  I am confident that the stomach bug is from the devil.  Dude was the only victim & it was awful!!!  Then the poor fellow had double ear infections.  Thank goodness doctors give suckers.
  • Every night dude & I talk about our day and he begs for Rickie stories.  Rickie stories are from Rudy's childhood and are always things you shouldn't do, like wander off in the woods.  It's one of my favorite parts of the day.  When daddy comes home, dude trades me in, so these moments are so special to me.
  • Finally AJ has a girlfriend to play with.  She's always surrounded by boys!

  • She doesn't mind the boys too much though:)
  • We've enjoyed visits from cousins.

  • My audience while taking a bath.  I made dude to go get my phone so I could snap a picture of them glaring at me in the tub.  Aren't you jealous you don't have stalkers admirers while you bathe?!

  • I need a night out with these girls to cure my spring break blues!!!
  • Thanks for reading friends!!!  I hope you are enjoying spring break & if you aren't, I hope you get to take a nap like this one does:) 

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Joey and Kristin Lindley said...

Heeeey! I'm going to number my thoughts bc that's the only way I can focus these days
1. Spring break has cramped my 37 week pregnant style. I'm exhausted and it's rained all week. Yah for school on Monday whoo-rah!
2. Love the kitchen!
3. I can see my Sissy having the sams sass that sweet Annie has!
4. I noticed you had Dr. Teals in your bathtub. Kind of obsessed with that stuff!
5. Hope yall are doing great!