Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas 2014!!!

Christmas was special this year!  We started out this December in Gatlinburg and then Rudy came home two days before Christmas & we enjoyed it to the fullest.

Of course dude loved Santa.  Sissy not so much.
We drove down momma's street and looked at Christmas lights!
We spent family time with our cousin's who were in town from India!
Dude gave gifts to Toys for Tots again this year.

I hosted Christmas brunch with our family!

Buddy spent the night with us over the holidays!  Those boys could spend every day together and it still wouldn't be enough!
Dude survived his first Christmas program at school.  Singing on stage in front of an audience is not his thing.  I'm so proud of him!
My sil hosted her fabulous Christmas party this year.  She served an 8 course meal, Santa Claus payed a visit, and the kids got way too many toys!  It was so fun!
On Christmas Eve, I asked dude what he wanted to tell Santa Claus.  This was his letter.  "Dear Santa, I want to be a good.  I'd like a pet Boomer and Spider Man.  I have a sister, will you bring Annie something?  She wants lipstick.  Be careful!" 
I about died when he told Santa that Annie wanted lipstick.  She's obsessed and everyone knows it!

Christmas morning was SO fun.  We were on the fence about even doing "santa" but it's a right of passage and I mean come on have you seen dude's face when he sees him?  So, we decided the best thing for our family is to open presents from us Christmas Eve and then open presents from Santa Christmas morning.  And Santa is not allowed to bring more than 3 gifts, that's all baby Jesus got!
 Speaking of babies, sissy takes over her babies things quite often:)
 In all the excitement dude lost his shirt!
 The kids enjoyed making a mess decorating cookies with Mammy!
And then we said goodbye to Christmas cozied up by the fire!
Nothing like a Christmas blog finally posted in mid-January.  I'll blame it on my appendix.

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