Saturday, November 15, 2014


Hello my peeps!
Can you believe it's no shave November already?  We have been busy bees and don't have any plans of slowing down anytime soon!  Here's a catch up post.  You may wanna grab some coffee or hot cocoa, because it's cold outside & this is a long one:)
  • I've been wearing my camo skinnies way too much.  I LOVE them.

  • I find myself constantly asking, would it be appropriate to wear camo pants to here or to there?!
  • I can't even stand this little girl's cuteness.
  • Nobody loves lipstick like Annie loves lipstick.
  • The two things she's most obsessed with are lipstick and Sofia.  The first thing she says when she wakes up is " I watch Fia First"
  • Throwing it back to Halloween.
  • They all had a blast and we had a blast giving out candy and laughing at the kids who were way too old to be trick-or-treating!
  • We also enjoyed the Ag Museum's Harvest Festival.
  • We celebrated KK's wedding a few weekends ago & it was a blast!
  • I may steal Davis.  Don't tell Whitney, ok.  
  • It wouldn't be a catch up post without a recent house pic.  It's coming along!
  • It takes an army to put those columns up!  Seeing them go up was definitely one of the most exciting things in the building process thus far.  I may have squealed. Our new move in date is around May & we are so excited.
  • Speaking of houses, I just decorated ours for Christmas.  There's no shame in my early Christmas game.  I will always decorate for Christmas mid November, I just can't help it.  I am a Christmas baby (literally) & I love it!  
  • Dude does too.
  • Talk about  a whole new meaning to 'Santa's watching you.'  He literally carries Santa around EVERYWHERE.  I wake up with Santa staring at me in the face.  I've tripped over him countless times.  His music makes me want to scream.  Santa may have to disappear and I happen to know of a quiet elf that can take his place;)
  • I took some pics of the kids in their matching jammies decorating a tree that I will share later, but this hilarious pic on instagram just about summed up our experience!
  • It still makes me giggle.
  • Dude has a Christmas program at his school, so we've been jamming Jesus Christmas tunes.
  • I've also been jamming out Sam Smith.  I mean, can't get enough.  I know I'm not the only one.
  • Get it?
  • "I'm having so much fun with Buddy"

  • They were the perfect age for Disney On Ice & both enjoyed the whole show!
  • We introduced the kids to weenie roasting & s'mores making.  
  • Their faces pretty much sums up their s'mores experience.
  • We celebrated Thanksgiving (bc all the boys won't be home on Thanksgiving) last weekend and it was fabulous.  Have you ever seen a spread like this one?!
  • I wish I had a big ole plate of it right now!
  • The kids had their 2 and 4 year old check-ups.  
  • Dude was not happy he had to get a finger stick & sissy loved making friends in the waiting area.
  • Sometimes bubba is really sweet to sissy and she. eats. it. up.
  • I could read sissy 100 books a day and it still wouldn't be enough.
  • We watched my nephew play college football and dude's favorite part was the mascot.  Of course he liked the big, scary bear.  What 4 year old wouldn't wanna high five a friggin bear?
  • The other day, dude told buddy "buddy now you just can't go picking up a snake, he may bite you."  Sarah said, "dude i don't think you'll have to worry about buddy picking up a snake." hahaha!  That sums up their friendship.  Dude's the daredevil and buddy plays it safe.  Sarah and I laugh so hard at them & wonder what they will be like in their teenage years & if the roles will reverse.  Buddy the daredevil & dude the safe one?!  Guess we will see one day.
  • I think that just about catches us up!  Thanks for reading:)

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