Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Our state fair comes every October and we love it!!!  We went three times this year:) 
The first Saturday of the fair, we went with Rudy's brother and family.  It was chilly, but the weather was glorious!  

Love these spideys!!!
Rudy made me put a snake around my neck and y'all please look at Annie June in these pics.  DANGER!!!  What were we freaking thinking.
My sweet little apple jack.  He's the calm in the toddler storm in our group!
These boys had a blast!
And because our kids aren't afraid on anything, here's a pic of AJ and a monkey.  We asked coco if he wanted to hold the monkey and he said, "Ummm No Thank You."  Don't blame ya buddy.
We went one evening with Mammy & Pappy!

And our last day, we went with the Thompson family on MAROON FRIDAY!!!
 The petting zoo was super fun.

All the fair fun wore this little guy out!
We definitely enjoyed the fair and all it had to offer this year:)  Happy Wednesday!

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