Tuesday, September 2, 2014


It's time for a blog update- I have lots to report!

  • We are building!!!  Can I get a whoop whoop?!
  • Our neighborhood is an "airplane community."  There's an airstrip and a few neighbors fly personal airplanes & one of them snapped this picture of our slab.  Isn't it cool?!!
  • We covered our foundation with scripture and prayers:)  
  • I'm debating on whether or not to start a blog on our home building process.  Every single day I learn something and I wish there were more blogs on building from the ground up.  Most house blogs that I follow are fixing up their homes, not building them from scratch!  
  • We wanted to have one last hoo-rah before school started back, so we spent a few days at the Beau Rivage.  Here's way too many pictures:)
Love my sweet girls!  Because I'm so nice, I will spare you a picture of me in a swimsuit;)

  • I was very much excited for school to finally start.  The kids get bored at home with me all day and I get crazy, so we love school!  They go for a few hours 2 days a week!  I asked dude what he learned at school and he said "criss cross applesauce, all eyes on me."  HA.  I'm just happy he keeps his clothes on.
  • Look how much they've grown in a year.  WAAAHHHH!!!!
  • My dude is the happiest when he's in just his underwear and has a bug in hand.  See.
  • He only wants to be in underwear, nothing else.
  • I swear he can spot a bug, lizard, or frog from a mile away!!!  
  • Kelley (my best friend from hygiene school) had her bachelorette party last weekend in Memphis.  It was SO fun to celebrate and experience Memphis for the first time!  
  • Then the next weekend, she came and spent the night & day with us!  The kids LOVED her.  
  • The kids and I miss her very much.
  • We had our 5 year dental hygiene reunion.  
  • Now would be a good time to recommend this Kendra Scott necklace.
  • LOVE it.  I wear it almost everyday.
  • We celebrated Hayes' second birthday back in August.  There was a petting zoo and it was a BIG hit.  As in, not one single kid cried and the parents could actually converse with each other because the animals kept the kids entertained.  It was awesome and so cute!
  • How awesome is that last picture?!
  • The kids still love to go swim at mammy's.  Well, dude loves to swim.  Annie just loves to boss mammy around.
  • Mammy gave dude a sticker book and needless to say, it's been a big hit.
  • How lucky am I that this is my bed partner every night?
  • He doesn't take up much room AT ALL!!!
  • At least I get to squeeze his biscuits anytime I want:)
  • That was my attempt to catch you all up.   Thanks for reading!

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