Friday, August 8, 2014

Growing Babies 46 and 22 Months!!!

Sometimes I have to make myself do these posts.
True Story.
These are my favorite posts to look back at and I think it will be dude and sister's favorites too, so I push on.  I think I can. I think I can.  These children better appreciate it one day:)

My sweet girl will be 22 months tomorrow!  Here's what she's up to these days...

  • I've said it once and I'll say it again, she has the biggest personality!!!
  • Is there anything cuter than a baby in a sweet little night gown?!?!
  • She wants to be right up under you and the center of attention always.
  • We stay 2-3 nights a month at Grammy & Papaws.  Being at their house always turns my kids into such rednecks.
  • Riding scooter in her brother's white t.  Rednecks have the most fun:)
  • She's putting together 2-3 word sentences.  Finally!  I didn't think the poor girl was ever gonna talk.  
  • When I tell her something she says "k momma"  It's so cute!  And she kind of has a deep voice.
  • We went on the first boat ride of the summer and sister loved every minute of it, except the life jacket part.  Can you blame her?  I mean, can someone not come up with a better life jacket for kids under 30 pounds.  

  • Both kids are very friendly!
  • She gives the best sugar, she will smack you dead on the lips.
  • Dylan (who she calls nee) has stayed with us a few days this summer and sister is always happy to wake up to him at our house!
  • But don't get on her bad side, she's got some serious go to hell looks.
  • She had a really bad bout of perioral dermatitis (a mouth rash) that lasted for over 6 months, that resulted in numerous doctor visits with numerous antibiotics and creams, but finally I think it's gone.  That was a serious run-on sentence, but whatever.  Anyway, a few weeks of erythromycin cleared it right up.  Momma's take note!  Here she is taking her daily meds:)
  • Both kids love taking medicine.  Except for Clindamycin, that's seriously not fun.  
  • She's still a thumbsucker when she's upset or sleepy.
  • She loves her bunny that Aunt Nay got her & sleeps with it every night.
  • I just bought her a pair of red hunter boots:)  When we go out to the land, boots are a must.  I have three pair.
  • She is obsessed with "na na" aka Frozen.  That movie is like a drug.  I know every word to that movie.
  • She's not really into tv or toys yet. The only thing I can get her to watch is baby einstein and Frozen.
  • She loves Uncle Cully.
  • She stresses me out when we get ready to go somewhere.  She literally screams from when I dress her until we walk out the door.  This picture I snapped before church pretty much sums up our mornings.
  • I have no idea why she does this.  It's like she gets nervous and wants to leave right then.  I have to completely get myself & dude ready and pick up the house before I get her dressed, because once I do, it is over!  Don't even think about doing anything but going "byeee byeeeeee waaaahhhh"
  • She's gonna outgrow this, right?
  • She weighs 25 lbs, wears 18-24 month clothes, and sizes 5 shoe.
  • Other than her morning freak outs, she's pretty much perfect:)  
  • I'm blessed to call her mine.
Dude turned 46 months yesterday!  Here's what he's up to these days...
  • He's obsessed with bugs and lizards.
  • And he's not one bit afraid of either of them.  Every lizard he finds name is "Artie" and every bug is either "John Bloundry"  or "Oaken".  You'll have to ask dude where he came up with those names.
  • Every BOY characteristic there is, dude has it.
  • He is a daddy's boy!!!  I'm almost non-existent when he comes home.
  • Buddy is still his bff.  I mean, when your coke tells you to share it with Buddy you kind of have to!!!
  • We went to the movie with buddy a few weeks ago and now when we go, he thinks buddy will be there. 
  • Guess now is a good time to tell you that he still throws fits.
  • Rudy cried a lot as a child and I'm afraid that dude is following suit.  He is so good, but definitely has his meltdown moments for sure.  My mom assures me that it's because I'm with him 24/7, so I get to witness all the meltdown and that's why it seems like it happens way too much for an almost 4 year old.  I'm killing these run-on sentences, aren't I?  
  • While we're on dude's bad habits, he still sleeps with us.
  • His favorite food is a honeybun.
  • He weighs 35 pounds and wears size 9 shoe.  
  • He loves going to Mammy's house to swim and swing!!!
  • Sometimes he stays over at Mammy's house.  She loves taking him to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and he loves the pancakes.  
  • He's into ninja turtles these days.  Go ninja Go ninja Go.
  • Both kids love their TT!!!
  • Dude and I had lunch with this sweet boy the other day!
  • Dude licked his face at lunch.  True Story.  Can you blame him though?  Look at those sweet cheeks!
  • They adore their Pappy.
  • I took them to their first ice cream date the other day.  Dude let me know that he'd rather go to the cookie store thank you very much.  He only ate the M&M's.  
  • He doesn't care about desserts & sweets (except for honey buns) but my noon LOVES them.  
  • His two favorite movies right now are The Lion King and "Valaddin".
  • He makes me laugh numerous times a day.
  • I'm also blessed to call him mine:)

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