Thursday, July 10, 2014

Growing Babies 45 and 21 Months!!!

In three short months, I'll have a 2 and 4 year old running around.  Time is such a bittersweet thing when it comes to children.  Sweet because it brings us a new level of  "easy", new joys, new memories, new fun.  But also bitter because our babies are gaining independence, leaving us with only memories of nursing, sleepy snuggles, struggles, and total dependence on us.  Time doesn't leave us any choice but to enjoy the present to the fullest and try to smile at the days to come.

Here's what my Annie June's up to these days...
  • Baby girl loves her some Frozen.  This is her excited face when I tell her that we're about to watch it and eat popcorn.
  • She is still a little sassy at times, but I'm happy to report she is back to her sweet self.  I may or may not have asked Dr. Flowers if he performed exorcisms.
  • The grilled peaches with ice cream were a big hit for sissy.
  • We've all thoroughly enjoyed summer this year.  This is the first year that I feel like I can strip the kids of their clothes, hand them a popsicle, turn the sprinkler on and let them be.  Last summer, AJ was 6-9 months, summer before that I was pregnant, summer before that HJ was 6-9 months, and summer before that I was pregnant.  Not to mention our rental yard is awesome & we've had the best temperatures this summer.  So, yes this summer has been awesome.  
  • Look at that blonde hair coming in.  Finally!!! 
  • I stuck a bow in her hair the other day and it sort of stayed.  I don't know who was prouder me or her?!
  • She is talking non-stop.  She's at that stage where if she doesn't want something, she'll say "no" and if she does want it, then she'll repeat whatever it is that you just said.  
  • If she sees something she really wants, no matter what it is, it's a "cookie" to my sweet noon.
  • A sucker is a cookie.  A popsicle is a cookie.  A chip is a cookie.  It's so funny!
  • She likes to belt out her own version of Let It Go.  I've tried to capture it on video, but she stops as soon as I start recording!
  • She's still a momma's girl, but her and daddy have gotten real close over the past few weeks.
  • There's nothing sweeter than a daddy and his baby girl.
  • She can count to five.
  • She has all of her baby teeth except her 2 year old molars.
  • She says please and thank you way more that dude ever did.
  • She still likes to be held all the time.
  • It almost melts us when she kisses us and says "uhs you" (love you)
  • My sweet Annie Noon I hope you read this blog one day and get a glimpse of how truly loved you are.
Here's what my dude's up to these days...
  • He loves all bugs, including this snail here that he named George.
  • The other day he picked up a beetle bug and said, "Let's name him John Bloundry"  in his british accent.  
  • The kid had to be from England in his past life.
  • After naps, we eat popsicles and play outside until suppertime.
  • Dude takes about 3 naps a week.  Sometimes he needs to take more:)
  • He sleeps with us now.
  • I KNOW.  I'm still asking myself how we got here.  I think it's a culmination of a few things- we moved, he got a full size bed, he doesn't want you to shut the door, and his imagination is BIG these days.  
  • It honestly doesn't even bother me anymore.  I've realized that this is life right now and when we move to the next house, we'll figure something out then!
  • The kids had their first sleepover last week.  My best friend's step-son stayed the night with us.
  • Annie is obsessed with "Neeee"  
  • We also got to spend some quality time with Co Co and all his bandaids this summer, haha!
  • I'm so happy that all the cousins get along and can't wait for Jackson to join in on the fun!
  • My kids are blessed with the best grandparents ever.  
  • Grandparents that will plop down and play in the sandbox, let them jump to you 95 times in the pool, get in their kiddie pool just because they asked you to, and still rock big boys to sleep.  
  • Do not know what we would do without them!
  • Bubba and sissy love each other so much.
  • He likes to narrate what she wants.   "Annie wants down."  "Annie wants a cookie."  
  • It's his way of looking out after her.
  • It still makes me giggle every time I hear "come on jajaba"
  • He has the best and funniest dance moves. 
  • His vocabulary deserves a post of it's own.  
  • Dude, you are loved by all, especially me:)

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