Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Growing Babies 44 and 20 Months!!!

I always have to look back to see exactly how old the kids are:)

My precious girl just turned 20 months today & here's what she's up to...
  • Somebody got some new rain boots for all this rain!!
  • She's mostly a JOY!!!
  • But here lately she's been sassy & says "NO" all day long.  I'm ready for this stage to be OVER.  This is her pout face.  
  • Her and brother love to jump in muddy puddles.  I blame peppa pig.
  • She has all of her baby teeth except her premolars, which she's cutting now.
  • Loves her momma & her Rerra!!!
  • She also loves animals and watching baby einstein on my phone.
  • When she grows up she wants to be Scooter.
  • She is down to one nap a day that lasts about 2 hours and sleeps around 12 hours at night.  If she does wake up, it's always at 12:30 PM, but usually she goes right back to sleep.  
  • She loves to draw, read books, and climb.  
  • She was real festive in her Memorial Day get-up:)
  • Today was the first day of Summer Fun at Lakeside!!!
  • The other day she got out of her high chair by climbing over the sofa and then climbed up the fireplace to get gum out of my purse.  It's nothing to turn around and see her standing on top of the table. 
  • She's SNEAKY!
  • She still sucks her thumb and plays with her ear when she gets sleepy.  
  • Her favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  She likes to sing along with me:)
  • She LOVES her bubba and her "bubby"
  • She also loves people & is very friendly!  Here she is at swim lessons making a stranger play patty-cake with her:)
  • The more people that we have over, the merrier!
  • She's obsessed with Dylan.
  • She is Miss Independent!  Don't you dare try to help her eat with a spoon.  
  • Bubba is her best friend.

  • When she's not choking him out:)
  • Annie June you are so loved, even when you give us the pouty face and act like a brat.

My dearest dude is 44 Months & here's what he's up to...
  • He was a ring bearer last weekend in our cousin's beautiful wedding!  He was such a grouch before the wedding, but thankfully pulled it together for the ceremony.  The next day he woke up with a high fever, which explained his grumpiness.  Sorry dude!
  • What am I gonna do with these chicken heads?  Dude scaring people with his spidey mask and sister flashing everyone who walks by her.  Can't take them anywhere.
  • He loves anything that has to do with the outdoors including but not limited to: worms, chickens, swinging, hanging out with Scooter, and riding his bicycle in his underwear.
  • He rocked swimming lessons!  It made me so happy because he regressed during the spring lessons.  Alicia is the BEST.  Now he loves to swim!!!
  • He loves sunday school at church & leaves talking about Jesus.  He thoroughly enjoyed VBS and I enjoyed helping and almost died from exhaustion.
  • If you asked him who his best friends are he would say, "Tre Tre. And Buddy. And Daddy."
  • He is fearless.
  • I loved playing Don't Spill The Beans as a kid and dude loves it too!
  • It gets LOUD when the pot spills.  It's very exciting for the kids!
  • He loves to go out to the land!!!
  • I try to do things with just him once a week like a movie date or go to the park.  I also try to do the same with sister:)
  • Best buds in the tub.
  • He makes me laugh every single day.
  • We love you dude, even when you have 3 meltdowns before a wedding & drink water from the floral centerpiece:)

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