Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Dude sometimes asks me "what's picken chicken"- it's country slang for what's going on!!!
We have a lot going on here lately.  Who am I kidding, life with 2 small children & a husband who is only home half the time, there's always a lot going on.  You know it's bad when a few of your close friends don't even know where you live.  So, I think it's time for a catch-up post that will also have to count as my growing babies post, because I'm tired & exhausted & OVER picking up my house for the billionth time.  Someone find a fork b/c I am officially done.

  • Sissy weighs in at a whopping 24 pounds & my dude is around 35 pounds.  When Sissy's not pissing bubba off, they are best buds.
  • This allergy season has hit us all hard.  Poor sissy got the brunt of it all and is cutting all four of her baby canines.  We're all trying to hang in there:)
  • We moved at the end of March (2 weeks before we closed on our house=stress) into our friend's house while we build.  We LOVE it and are so grateful they opened their home to us, literally.    Just look at these gorgeous roses that we get to enjoy!
  • The backyard is the bomb and we have enjoyed it tremendously!
  • We eat 2 out of 3 meals outdoors when the weather's nice:)
  • Sister is having a hard time catching on to we just don't eat chalk.
  • Everyone is asking when we are gonna start building and the answer is, I don't know!  I wish I did.  Long story short, the builder we had's price ended up being a lot higher than was originally proposed, so we are taking a step back.  We are taking a breath & enjoying life with these precious babies.  In the meanwhile, we are meeting with a few more builders & getting new quotes.  So, we shall see!
  • We still do photoshoot selfies for daddy.
  • She loves her momma.  Dude loves us, but he doesn't require the "closeness" that Annie June does.  She wouldn't mind it if I held her all day every day.  In fact, she would love it.
  • My dude is just fine playing by himself, especially outside!
  • Mid swimming lessons, he decided that he hated swimming lessons.  It was FUN to watch your kid cry and regress at swim school that you paid a lot of money for, might I add.  Why dude Why?
  • However, because evidently I like to self torture myself we signed up for 2 more weeks at an outside pool.  Why Jessi Why?
  • We're in mid birthday & wedding season! 
  • Sister doesn't discriminate when it comes to being held. 
  • Both kids are very friendly!  AJ tells everyone "heeyyy" and Dude loves to give out random hugs to random strangers.  
  • We went to my cousin's wedding last weekend in Louisiana. It was beautiful and we had a blast!
  • Dude's is in a wedding coming up.  Please pray for us.  When I told him that he was gonna be a ring bearer and we had to go get fitted for his outfit, he said "Is I gonna wear a bear costume."  His grammar is perfect.  Bless.
  • Johna & Whitney (my two best friends from hygiene school) had their babies in February and March & my sister-in-law had her baby the end of April.  
  • Baby fever is hard not to catch with these cuties around!
  • A few weekends ago,  I traveled a total of 8 hours to see these 3 precious babies.  One visit included an overnight stay to help with my nephews!!  I loved every minute of it.
  • I helped Ash pick a bouquet for momma!  Love him so.
  • CC just finished her first year of college and we are so proud of her!!!
  • Annie has a crush on Cierra's boyfriend, it's so cute, but hopefully not a precursor to her future!
  • Cousin Sam spent an afternoon with us  & the kids are obsessed with her.
  • With all this playtime comes some pretty good nap time.
  • I spy wubby.
  • Jody stills comes out from time to time.
  • He's such a good kid, but he is such an emotional kid too.
  • Well, I think that just about catches us up.  Happy Summer!

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