Friday, May 30, 2014


We just got back from Vegas (aka the trip of a lifetime)

It's always been on Rudy's bucket list to see a UFC fight live in Las Vegas.  We rent every single fight that Comcast offers & know who all of the fighters are.  So, needless to say we are big fans of MMA.  Ok, let me back up a bit.

I was excited to have a get away with Rudy and I was really excited for Rudy to finally see a fight live, but I really didn't think Vegas would be my thing.  I don't really drink, or gamble, or stay up past 10 PM.  I didn't think Vegas and I would be bffs, but boy was I wrong.  I loved it and I miss it.

Friday, we landed in Vegas & checked-in at the Venetian.  The Venetian is legit and has such an awesome atmosphere.   We chilled, shopped and met our first celebrity victim.  The Tyler Rose, Earl Campbell.  Now, Rudy loves NFL just as much as UFC, so imagine his excitement.

View from room

I took a selfie for my bff's back home to prove that Mommy can still hang:)

That night, we met up with our friends and ate at Old Homestead in Caesar's Palace.  It was super yummy, but we were spent from flying all day & decided to call it a night.
I love him with all of my heart.
The next day, we hung around & then headed to the VIP suite to tour the octagon.  It. was. awesome.
His dreams came true.  He got to do a fighter walk-out, step into the octagon, and hold the championship belt!

After eating at the lounge, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the night.
We knew that our seats were close and that celebrities were all around us, but we had no idea how many we would actually get to meet.  NO IDEA!
These girls made Vegas fun!  So thankful for their new friendship:)
We were chilling at the lounge when in walked B.J.  Penn.  I thought Rudy was gonna have a heart attack.

Next, in walked Anthony Pettus.

And then, Anthony Rumble Johnson.  He's a Georgia boy, so I told him us southerners had to stick together.
Matt Hughes

You probably didn't know any of those people but prob will these-
Johnny Football
Rudy shook his hand as he walked by.
Jenna Jameson
Big from the show Rob & Big
And who doesn't love the best announcer ever- Bruce Buffer
But I have to say I was most excited to see Urijah Faber.  He's my favorite fighter & undoubtedly the hottest fighter in the UFC.  He has serious swag.  
I mean, he is HOT.
Miesha Tate is a female fighter and seems so chill.
We were surprised at how nice everyone was & really couldn't have enjoyed it more if we tried.  
It was the trip of a lifetime.  Rudy and I both feel very blessed to be able to take this trip.  We don't take the opportunity for granted & will NEVER forget this experience.  EVER.  

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