Saturday, May 3, 2014


None of us slept great the first night, it took us a night to work out the kinks.  However, the kids woke up in great moods and were so excited to still be at the beach. The first word out of Annie's mouth was "beeaasshh."  Bless.  
Here are way too many pictures.  In matching swimsuits, of course!
1. How cute are Annie's chubby thighs?  2.  How much does dude love the beach?  3. Snacking on the beach is dang near impossible, I'm quite sure Annie ate a pound of sand over the course of 4 days.  4. I DIE over beaufort bonnets.  We wore it and washed it every day and it looks brand spankin new- I'm totally impressed.
We ended our beach day at the pool!
My parents arrived that evening and the kids were so excited to see them!!  As were we:)  It's never a bad idea to bring your parents with you to the beach, except maybe to spring break circa high school and college.  That's not a very good idea at all.
I want ya'll to look at this little poser.  She is a mess!
LOVE my family.
 After dinner, we headed to The Track!
Dude was too scared to ride the rides by himself last year, but not this year!  He LOVED it.
I give you- Pure Joy.
Dude loves life.
We ended the day with bedtime stories & finally got some good sleep!
My favorite day coming up next!

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