Monday, May 5, 2014


Nothing is better than coffee on the balcony & happy children.

We went to bed most nights around 9 and thanks to the sun, the kids were up by 7 every morning.  So, one day we decided to go to the zoo!  It was so cool.  My kids aren't big on looking from afar, they want to touch it.  This zoo was perfect for them!  It was basically a glorified petting zoo and dude even got into a cage with a monkey.  We literally ate our slushies next to a peacock, so so cool!
Dude was SUPER excited.
We ate coconut shrimp appetizers at the the Shrimp Basket & were back at the hotel by 11:30.  So, we headed to the beach!  The water was gorgeous on this day.
 Hold sissy's hand turned into drag sissy to the ocean.
 My two boys crabbing!!!
 My two girls!!!
 This was about the only meltdown on the trip.  He was over the sand at this point!
 Sissy the daredevil climber.  That girl is a mess!
 This picture is just SO Annie when she's sleepy.
 AJ and her Tia..
Happy to be bathed and sand-free!
That night we ate dinner at Wintzell's and it was delicious!!!
This is the best pic I could get of the kid's matching outfits:)
Sissy ate everything, dude at a grilled cheese.  One day he will be so mad at all the awesome food he turned down!
We decided to go crabbing at night, but came home empty-handed.
Doing these posts makes me wanna go back! I'm so glad the kids are little beach bums.  Whew, only one more post!  Thanks for reading.

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