Saturday, May 3, 2014


Ya'll there are literally 150 beach pictures that I just downloaded.  That's even after I sifted through them, but they are all just so cute and I just can't not post them.  I don't print pictures or make photo books, this blog is my only scrapbook and I know we will enjoy every single one of these pictures & posts one day.
So, to do our beach trip & pictures justice, I'm gonna do one post for each day, just bear with me:)  Not to be obnoxious, but this was probably one of my favorite trips I've ever taken.  The weather, the food, and the kids were awesome!  It was just FUN.

We split up our drive and visited with family on the way to the beach.  Annie and dude love their CoCo.
My SIL is about to pop with baby Jackson Pierce:)
We finally made it to the beach and the kids were so excited and a little confused.
Hagan remembered the beach trip from last year and loved it just as much this year!  Sissy yelled "beeeaaassshhh"  the whole time.

 We had to bribe the kids with pool time to get them to leave the ocean.  Every day we ended the day with a swim in the indoor heated pool:)
That night we ate at the Shrimp Basket in Gulf Shores.  It is the best one for sure and please do yourself a favor and eat their coconut shrimp.  You won't regret it!  After supper we hit a few souvenir shops.

I told dude he could pick out one toy and I turned around and this is what he picked out.
I really hope it's not a precursor to his future.
He ended up settling for pirate gear.
We let dude and sissy see the hermit crabs & it started an obsession with dude.  He found and killed a total of 3 hermit crabs on that trip.  Evidently they are meant to observe and not play with all day.
We headed back to the condo and got some much needed rest.  We stayed a total of 4 nights at the Palms in Orange Beach and we loved it!  I somehow scored our room for $99 a night.  Day two coming soon!

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