Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Our last day at the beach was bittersweet!  
We made sure to watch out for pirate dude!
 Especially pirate dude's butt crack:)

LOVE them so much!
 Rudy found 2 jellyfish!!  Those things are gross and scary.
 Dude was so proud of his hermit crab house that Tia brought him:)
Sissy loved the bubbles Tia brought her:)

 Sissy also loved putting on a show for the beach spectators, chasing the birds, and resting on Papaw!
 Dude decided "it is a nice day to have a tea party"  He's watched way to much Peppa Pig.
After naps, we got ready and went to the Wharf.  The Wharf is super fun and PLEASE eat at the Compleat Angler if you ever find yourself at the Wharf. The filet was wonderful!
Sweet loves holding hands in the back seat.  It lasted about 1 minute.
I also love a good outtake.
Would dude not make the best model?!  He is so pretty with that bright red hair and great tan.  I will have you know that we all came home with minor sunburns, except for dude.  It's kind of amazing.  

Sissy loves a good dance party in the middle of the boardwalk!
The only bad experience the whole trip was when dude accidentally busted sissy's lip at the restaurant.  He was chasing her in the waiting area; she stopped and he didn't.  It was a bit stressful.  Like a blood soaked paper towel, very swollen lip, and screaming kid kind of stressful. But sissy toughed it out and was a joy the rest of dinner.  
After dinner we rode the carousel, browsed a few shops, and then headed back to the condo (after stopping by Walgreens to get ibuprofen for sissy's lip, parents bring meds on your beach trip)    
The next morning, dude was so confused about leaving the beach and sissy was her happy self:)
Dude sure did get some good sleep at the beach.  
I mean, how pretty is he?!  
Love my family and the beach so much.  I'm so thankful for a great family vacation & can't wait for the next.  Thanks for reading!

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