Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Growing Babies 38 & 14 Months!!!

This. has. been. the. most. fun. age. so. far.
It's true, the kids are cool as cucumbers these days.  Sure, they need you every 5 minutes, have more laundry than a small army, and can destroy a clean house in a matter of seconds, but it's all worth it.  So very worth it.
My sweet noon turned 14 months old yesterday!
Here's what she's up to these days...
  • She is a total flirt.  
  • She does this head tilt thing that just melts everyone & she loves boys already.  I'm not even kidding, she loves our babysitter Cierra's boyfriend and flirts with him the whole time he's here.  
  • Speaking of Cierra, we all absolutely adore her.  She loves my children and is part of the family as far as I'm concerned:)
  • AJ loves her daddy so much!  She will just lay her sweet little head on his shoulder for minutes at a time.  It melts him.  
  • Noon and brother have just started to rough house a little.  I'm not real sure how I feel about this, because brother almost always takes it too far.

  • I always make them kiss and make up after a "fight." 
  • Neither of them are much for kissing on the cheek.  It's mouth or nothing and in Annie's case, it's tongue or nothing, haha!  
  • For such a little person, she has a big personality.  She likes to do things she's not suppose to, just to get a rise out of you.  She thinks it's the funniest thing!  But don't raise your voice too loud or she will lose it.  She is very sensitive!
  • She loves to be the center of attention and is a girly girl so far.  She loves her babies.
  • She still only has 6 teeth.  
  • She takes one nap a day and sleeps around 12-13 hours a night.  She always yells out around midnight, but usually only for a few minutes.  I'm not sure why she does this, but it's super annoying.  Judge me if you want, but you would find it annoying too.  
  • She sucks her thumb and plays with her ear when she gets sleepy:)
  • She's got Christmas spirit!

  • She has a new friend- Mary Michael Morrison.

  • She looks so cute in all her Christmas outfits and all bundled up for winter!

  • This is her second Christmas on this earth & she doesn't have not one more strand of hair this year than she did last year!
  • Bless.  Is she ever gonna get any hair?
  • I love you my sweet, bald noonie!!!
  • You are our JOY this Christmas season and always!

My Dude just turned 38 Months!!! 
Here's what he's up to these days...
  • He. is. potty. trained. Hallelujah!
  • He still has accidents from time to time, but for the most part he is there.
  • Being outside in Grammy & Papaw's backyard is his happy place.
  • When we are in public, he tells people "dat my annie." or "dat my daddy." It makes us all feel so loved!

  • He is a daddy's boy when Rudy's home and a momma's boy when Rudy's gone, which works out perfect.
  • He has such a hard little life.

  • When we were eating hibachi the other day, he asked the waiter what his name was and it was Johan.  He said "Dat Johan. I love him."  It gave us all a good laugh, but really shows how loving his heart is.
  • He is all boy and gets in trouble every day, but he truly does have a heart of gold.  He has a lot of my sweet daddy in him.  June has told me numerous times that, "As long as you have Hagan, you will always have a piece of your daddy with you."  It really is so true.
  • This can only mean one thing.

  • We are going to Disney!!!  We are so pumped.  I couldn't resist putting our nicknames on there.  I may be changing my tune if "Big Daddy's" arm band doesn't work and we have to get disney workers to help. HA!
  • Dudes asks to go to Disney every day!   
  • He loves school!  He talks about "my teachers" all the time.  It's been so cold here that I am forced to put him in ridiculous hats.  The weather made me do it.
  • When he gets into trouble he says, "I sorry. You so happy?" 
  • No dude. I'm not happy that for no reason you pushed your sister down and she is now crying annoyingly.  
  • He is loving everything about Christmas.  He was even nice enough to take Mr. Claus on a 'boat ride'.

  • He's carried around that Santa everywhere with him!
  • He knows 4 Bible verses.  We try to learn one a week!  Is it bad that I have to bribe him to get him to learn them?  Sometimes with coke.  And I'm a dental hygienist.
  • Don't tell.
  • Daddy and buddy are his best friends.

  • He thinks Santa lives at Bass Pro.
  • He is my HEART!!!
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