Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Traditions...

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  I think that's pretty obvious if you frequent this blog.  I especially love Christmas traditions and now that I have 2 littles of my own, it's important for me to start new traditions and carry on old ones:)

We missed the Canton City of Lights last year, so we were excited to go again this year!

Matching Christmas outfits and pajamas are a must.  I will do it until they are old enough to protest.  I just can't help it.

We try to see Santa as much as possible because dude loves him.  This year, he was at Grammy & Papaw's clubhouse, along with Mrs. Claus, the grinch, and a fire truck.  Dude. was. in. awe.
Dude fell in love with this grinch.  I'll never know why he loves weird stuff that scare 99% of other children, but he does.  He asks about the "brinch"  all of the time.

A trip to Bass Pro with Mammy & Pappy!
Baking ginger cookies, reading our Christmas books, and driving around looking at Christmas lights!   Thanks Aunt Sarah for our new Christmas book to add to our collection:)
It's so fun to participate in dude's school parties.  He's always so proud to show me his friends and all the toys:)
The ag museum on a pretty December day is a MUST.
Christmas also brings sweet visitors!

Now that dude is older, I wanted to start a new tradition that showed an act of selflessness.  Christmas tends to be all about ME, especially to a three year old!  I struggled with finding a way to connect with dude on being selfless and helping others.  My parents always did this with me & I still love to give as an adult.  We decided to donate a few new toys to Toys for Tots.   I tried my best to explain to dude that not all children get presents for Christmas, so we're gonna give them a few!  I didn't want it to be traumatizing and back-fire, so I promised that when we left, we would go pick out an ornament for his Christmas tree.  He walked right in and gave the toys away.  I was kind of shocked! I'm not sure that it sunk in, but at least we tried!
He makes me crazy sometimes (like when he acts like a total jerk at a birthday party), but he also makes me very proud.
As promised to dude, he got to pick out an ornament at Hobby Heaven Lobby.
He picked out that truck, but then decided he wanted a pig and her piglet.  Ha!  That kid is unpredictable.
This year, I'm throwing a Christmas Eve brunch.  Depending on how it goes (pray for me) it may be a new Christmas tradition.  It won't compare to my sister-in-law's 5 course meal that she throws every year, but one can dream, right?

While all those traditions are fun, they are not the meaning of Christmas! As the kids get older and are able to understand more, we will definitely insert more of Jesus into our Christmas season.  After all, He is the Reason for the Season!!!

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