Thursday, November 14, 2013

Growing Babies- 37 and 13 Months!!!

Time sure does go by fast, doesn't it?  I can't believe it's mid-November already and time to crank out another growing babies post!! 

Here's what my Noon's up to these days...
  • She has 6 teeth and is toddling around everywhere.
  • Brother doesn't mind pushing her in the doll stroller though.
  • She loves to be held and I oblige.  As does everyone else:)

  • Halloween festivities sure were fun this year!

  • Her shocked face gets us tickled every time she does it.  It never gets old. 

  • She loves to be the center of attention and has such a charming personality.  The more people that are around, the better.
  • Loves her brother!

  • Partners in crime!
  • She is so mischievous and loves to climb.
  • She's been known to climb in brother's toddler bed and tumble out of it.
  • She's tough and I'm so glad because brother can be a tad rough.
  • This pretty much sums up meal times

  • Annie happily eating and Dude picking at his food.  AJ eats everything.  Dude eats nothing.  Story of my life.
  • We had our first visit to the fair.
  • She is my doll baby.
  • LOVE her!
Here's what my Dude's up to these days...
  • He's. all. boy. 
  • I love his strong will, but sometimes I am counting down the minutes until bedtime.  Sad, but true.
  • He is completely tee-tee potty trained and about halfway BM potty trained.  He even wakes up with a dry diaper and uses the potty unassisted!
  • He's not too sure about library time.  Both kids enjoy it, but dude gets really confused when we sit in a circle and sing songs, haha.

  • We checked out "How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You."  It was so cute and very appropriate for moms with boys!
  • He and buddy are still BFF's.

  • They found some lip liner and painted war paint on each other's faces in that last picture.
  • He loves church, which makes me so happy!  
  • He tells me "we don't say oh shit at church.  but how bout oh shoot."
  • Yep, that's right dude. 
  • I make him memorize one Bible verse a week.  It keeps us all honest:)
  • He went through a rough patch at school, but he has decided that he loves it again now.
  • He loves to give hugs and has been known to tell strangers "wanna love on you. pick me up."  To be so spunky, he sure is sweet!
  • Sometimes I make him do things he doesn't wanna do.

  • But most of the time I let him do things he wants to do.
  • He tortured that poor baby lizard.  Sorry baby lizard.
  • He's my dude
  • LOVE him.

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Casey Gaines said...

I love your family so much.