Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy THIRD Birthday Dude!!!

Dearest Dude,

You have now been on this earth for 3 years.  Your daddy and I have loved you every second of every single day and promise to love you forever.  We will never forget the first time we heard your heartbeat, found out you were a boy, saw you for the first time (hideous cone head and all), watched you take your first step, become a big brother, and every other special moment in between. It's hard to express in words just how truly much you mean to us, but just know that it is an honor & a privilege to be your parents.
Enough mush, just look at how much you've grown!!!

Here's what you're up to at THREE YEARS OLD

  • You LOVE trains.  You can be found hoarding at least three trains at one time, even in your sleep.
  • You say random things to strangers. You'll go up to them and say things like "co co likes to drive fast."   They look at me like what is he talking about?  I think it's part you being silly and part of an awkward side that you have, haha.  
  • If Annie is out of your sight, you are asking about her.  It's so sweet! 
  • You can be SO sweet, but the boy comes out in you all the time.  You will hug me then say "wanna poke mommy in da eye."  Hahaha.
  • You love your sandbox.
  • Every night before bed you request for me to sing Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Paid It All, and You Are My Sunshine.  Those are your current faves.
  • Your favorite food is waffles, you ask for them at every meal.
  • You and daddy are BFF's
  • So are you and Buddy
  • When you come in a room you say "Well HEY Mommy."  
  • You love trains, snakes, spiders, and dinosaurs.  Could you be anymore of a boy?  Here you are showing me a locust. 

  • I'm trying to hang on tight to your one nap a day, but some days you don't take one.
  • Don't get it twisted though, you still need one.
  • Mammy still Bayou Baby's  you to sleep over at her house. 

  •  "I love dat dog."

  • You like to repeat yourself over and over and over.
  • You HATE haircuts.  It's major drama!
  • We all love front porch sittin'

  • You love to be on the go.  Here you are at the natural science museum!

  • I asked you what you wanted for your birthday and you replied.  "Hmmm, how bout a birday cake.  A white one."
  • Guess what's for breakfast?  A white birthday cake, duh.
  • You know pretty much every lyric to delta dawn.
  • You are the cutest and the coolest.
  • We love you on your birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Dude!!!

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