Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy First Birthday Noon!!!!

Dearest Annie,

You have now been on this earth for one year.  In some ways, it seems like you've been here forever and in other ways it seems like you should still be a tiny baby.  You are the only girl out of a family of boys and we all just eat you up.  You are a precious, happy, loving one year old and we're all so thankful for you!   You are the most perfect addition to our family.  We love & adore you so much Annie Noon and promise to love you forever!  Look at how much you've changed and grown in a year!

Here's what you're up to at ONE YEAR OLD...

  • You still smile all of the time:)

  • You have 5 teeth.
  • You weigh around 20 lbs.
  • You are so sweet & good, but you have a mischievous side to you.  It's sooo cute!

  • You're my climber.  You can climb in brother's toddler bed and on Grammy's fireplace.
  • "da da" "ma ma" and "ni ni ni ni" (when i lay you down) are the only things you say consistently.
  • You mostly communicate by saying "ah" really loud. 
  • You think it's hysterical when people pretend to be hurt.  I can just say the word ouch and you die laughing.  You are your momma's child.

  • You take 2 naps a day and sleep good at night!
  • You LOVE brother. 
  • You love Buddy too!  You smile and stare at him the whole time he's around.
  • You've started to blow kisses.
  • And you're not afraid to give anyone who asks for it a big sloppy kiss on the lips!  
  • You and brother both love to be outside.
  • Especially when popsicles and water is involved.
  • You are so awesome noon.
  • Happy First Birthday my sweet girl!

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