Monday, August 12, 2013

Growing Babies 10 & 34 Months!!!

In two months, I'll have a ONE YEAR OLD and a THREE YEAR OLD.  I can't even wrap my head around it, nor do I want to.  Heavy sigh.
Today, I asked Rudy about an old computer that he use to have and he said, yeah the one that used to be in Hagan's room.  My brain went blank.  That computer wasn't in our house?  What was in Hagan's room before?  In my brain, it was always his room.  (By the way, his room was our office, which just seems so weird)  A house & life with an office and empty guest bedrooms just seems so abnormal to me now.  Gosh, what a quiet and lonely house it must have been.
Annie June and Hagan Jude- y'all are needy, messy, loud, and just plain difficult sometimes.  However, I wouldn't trade neither of you for a quiet office or empty guest bedrooms.  No, not a chance.
Now doesn't that just make you feel so loved:)
Here's what y'all are up to these days.
  • Annie's stats at her 9 month check up that really happened at 10 months.
  • I swear her head doesn't seem that big!
  • Still smiling;)
  • She's got 2 bottom teeth and wears 9 and 12 month clothes.
  • She is a momma's girl.
  • She loves baby dolls & will love and kiss on them.
  • She is so sweet, but can be so rough.
  • She takes four 6 oz. bottles a day and eats anything we put in her mouth, except peaches and hotdogs.

  • Guess who also doesn't like peaches or hotdogs? 
  • Me.  She looks like her daddy, but she acts just like her momma.
  • She's never cared before when dude takes her toys, but now if it's really one that she wants, she will fight back.  She'll take a swing at him and fight for a toy.  Is it bad that I find this funny and have tried to catch it on camera for y'all?
  • She adores her brother 99% of the time.  
  • She just learned how to wave bye bye.
  • She's got the sweetest sugar ever- tongue and all!
  • My handsome dude is still hitting up the cookie store these days.
  • It's his happy place.
  • Sometimes he is a social butterfly saying hey to everyone he sees and sometimes he is quiet and reserved.
  • He likes to tell people who we are- "dats annie, annie's a lil baby."  
  • He keeps me updated on Annie when we're riding in the car.  "he sleep" (it hasn't learned the difference between he and she yet, haha:)
  • Some nights he will yell from his room " Mommy help me out.  Don't let me go to bed."
  • How can I resist that sweet plea??!!
  • He's only had a few wet diapers in weeks, but still poops his pants daily.  He will even pee by himself with no assistance!  We hear a faint "yay" when he's finished, haha.  We. are. almost. there.

  • He is a daddy's boy.  He asks where he is every second Rudy is out of his sight.
  • He loves to "schwim"
  • He starts 2 year old preschool next week.
  • He loves going to church, dancing, swimming, playing in the backyard, making a mess, and watching baby first.
  • He's gotten really good at giving me a fake smile when I try to take his picture.
  • We love y'all so much!  

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