Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Travels

We sure have enjoyed our summer thus far!  Annie & Dude are at such a fun age and  we love to see their faces as they experience new things for the first time.  We get a little stir crazy when daddy is gone, so when he comes home, we try to go somewhere fun for a few days!
A few weeks ago, we visited New Orleans & then stayed a few nights with family in Hattiesburg.
Dude was excited about the zoo:)

We rode the carousel, train, and went through the dinosaur exhibit.  It was love at first sight when dude saw the dinosaurs.  He wanted to "ride dat dinosaur" haha.   It was HOT, so we kept it short & sweet.  Sister napped just about the whole time.
After the zoo, we checked in at our hotel.  I got a GREAT deal online at the fancy Le Pavillon hotel.  The kids approved.
Uncle Ash was working in town, so he met us for supper.
After dinner, daddy and dude did a little rooftop swimming!
Dude slept with Rudy and Annie slept half the night with me and the other half in her pack-n-play.  We've definitely had better sleep, but we were pumped about going to city park the next day.  As many times that I've been to New Orleans, I have never heard of the city park.  Let me just tell y'all it is a toddler's dream come true.  My sister-in-law told me about it and I'm so glad she did.  It's nothing extravagant and everything could use a good paint job, but we all absolutely loved it.  Dude was in heaven, hence the constant smile on his face in every picture!

You buy an armband for super cheap that lets you ride everything as many times as you want.  The best part- NO LINES.  Dude literally rode the motorcycle ride 5 times in a row.  I told Sarah we could save a ton of money and just take the boys to the park instead of Disney, haha...  The park also has a storybook lane too.  It's really neat!  It has statues of storybook characters that dude loved (remember he's the weird kid that loves statues and fake costumes like the easter bunny), so it was right up his alley.
Here's the cow jumped over the moon.
The three little pigs
Cinderella's pumpkin.
Little Bo Peep lost her sheep & dude found it.
He also got swallowed up by a whale:)
The humidity got to his sweet red locks.
My noon snoozed the whole time and woke up with a smile on her face. Imagine that!
I highly recommend the city park if your toddler is 36" tall!  It's New Orlean's best kept secret.
We stayed a few nights with sweet cousin.  They are always so gracious to not only open their home, but also cook fabulous meals for us.  My sister-in-law definitely knows how to entertain & is a fabulous cook.  The boys had a blast playing together and we got to visit the Hattiesburg zoo.
As if this blog didn't have enough pictures, here are some more from our Vicksburg trip awhile back!  We always get river view rooms that adjoin to my parent's room.  Dude loves to look at the boats, run back and forth between rooms, and pee off the balcony.

Both my kids love to be on the go.  They get it honestly I guess, their momma is heading to the Beau Rivage on a girls trip this weekend:)  Thanks for reading.  Happy Summer!

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