Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Land & House Update

I haven't done a land or house update in awhile.
Here's the truth.  It gives me anxiety and makes my armpits sweat.
There ya go.
It makes me so nervous to share this journey because I never want to be judged or criticized.  I NEVER want to brag, boast, or make this house my "idol".  Let's get real, I grew up very humbly in a trailer & that's ok.  Actually, I'm glad that I did.  It is also ok for my children to grow up in a nice house.  I don't deserve all the blessings, but I'm not a bad person for accepting them.  I'm slowly learning that.
So PLEASE know that my intentions for blogging about this is to journal our journey & spread valuable information that we've learned through the building process.
One more payment and the land will be payed off.  Rudy has worked SO hard to do this!  I didn't contribute one single penny, Rudy did it all.  His goal was to have it paid off in 2 years and he did it in 2 years & 2 months.  Tidbit:  Our bank told us that you have to put a pretty big down payment on land loans, because of their low resale value.  Also, loan rates are a little higher when buying land, so it's best to pay them off quickly if possible.  Things to keep in mind!
Here's a pic I snapped the other day right before a thunderstorm rolled in.

Our other goals for 2013 are:  clear out the dead trees & make a driveway, foundation dirt work, and solidify house plans.  It's great to let the dirt work settle for a few years, especially if you live in an area with a lot of yazoo clay.  That way, the dirt will settle without a house on it.
It took us probably 12 hours of searching through house plans before we found one that we liked.  Then, I lost it and searched 5 more hours before finding it again.  So, it was important to get these plans set in stone, before they got lost forever!   It needs a lot of changes on the inside, but the outside is spot on.

You just can't beat a white house with columns, in my opinion.
The cost of drawing the plans from scratch is $1.00 per square foot, including porches.  This house has A LOT of porches!  I think that's the going rate in this area.  It will take around 8 weeks to finalize the plans & I will share them then.
Happy Tuesday!

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