Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Growing Babies- 7 and 31 Months!!!

I thought about skipping this milestone post.
To be honest, the past month has been HARD.  It is WAY better since daddy came home a week ago, but the 2 weeks that he was gone sucked really bad.  Annie wasn't sleeping and dude was whiny.  I freaking HATE whining.  Give me anything but whining!  And y'all, when I say Annie wasn't sleeping, I mean she was literally waking every 1-2 hours and hadn't slept through the night in months.  No sleep + whining toddler + a few series of unfortunate events = crazy crying crappy mom.  It's true. As much as I hate to admit it, it's true.  You gotta take the bad with the good sometimes.  Thankfully, we are back in the good!  Since Rudy has been home, we had one night of crying it out & she's slept all night ever since.  Dude is back to his happy self (minus the ear infection & fever he's now battling, bless it)  It's amazing what sleep can do! It's also amazing how much smoother things go when daddy is home!  I feel so much better about life and ready to crank out this post.

  • Annie June's smile will light up a room.

  • She says da da all day long, but she's a momma's girl at heart.

  • She's doing some serious teething, but no pearly whites just yet!
  • Here are her stats around 7 months.
  • She normally takes 2 shorts naps (around 45 minutes) and a 2 hour nap during the day.
  • Still breastfeeding & eating homemade baby food!  I don't think she's gonna be picky like brother, she'd eat the spoon if she could.
  • She loves the bumbo and eats most of her meals in it.
  • She loves to be on her tummy and is almost crawling. 
  • Everyone comments on how much she smiles.
  • She got tubes put in 3 weeks ago. 
  • After the surgery, the anesthesiologist came by our recovery room and said, "That Annie charmed us all."
  • She's found her toes and she's not afraid to eat them.

  • She went to her friend Ellery's first birthday party last weekend.

  • She's growing a little hair, but I still like to make her wear ridiculous headbands.

  • Brother likes to give her a ride in the "buggy" sometimes.  Of course it's a closely supervised ride:)
  • We kiss on her all day.
  • We love you to the moon Annie Noon!!!

My dude is so fun these days.  Here's what he's up to...

  • He's talking up a storm and says the funniest things.
  • He likes to ask me if I remember things.  It is so cute!  He'll say "rememer mommy when went to beach an ocean, rememer?"  "Rememer watch movie eat popcorn and gummy bears, rememer?"
  • The other day he asked scooter "What's pickin chicken"
  • He LOVES cheetos, which in my opinion should be a forbidden food.  They get everywhere!

  • He can count to fifteen, identify his ABC's, and knows what sound each letter makes.  I must give a shout out to the iPad and The Letter Factory DVD for teaching dude his phonics.  And also to Sarah for telling me about it.  
  • He still poops his pants.
  • I volunteered to help on his last day of MMO! 
  • Fun moms wear pigtails to fun day at school!
  • He says "what dat" 99 times a day.
  • If he wants to know who someone is he asks "what dat" instead of who's that.  Which confuses people and makes them think something is wrong with them.
  • When he wants to be held he says "hold you" instead of hold me, which confuses people just as much.
  • He's a cowboy/batman in his spare time.

  • He will test your limits and melt your heart in the same minute.

  • If you ask him to do something that he really likes to do he replies with, "I'd love to."
  • He asks to "sleep in da bed wit daddy" every single night.
  • He's taking swim lessons & absolutely loves the pool.  He has major meltdowns when we make him get out!

  • This post just wouldn't be right without pictures of the cookie store & play dates with buddy.
  • He has a phenomenal memory (definitely didn't get that from his momma)
  • He sings "Don't Worry, Be Happy Woooohhhooooohoooo"  
  • He will hit at you & then kiss you and say "be sweet to mommy"
  • He rocks and we love him very much!


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