Thursday, May 2, 2013

Beach Trip!!!

We went to the beach last weekend and had an absolute blast!!!  We were kind of nervous taking two small children on a five hour drive & staying at a new place, but they did great!  It wasn't the most relaxing trip, but it definitely was one of my favorites!  The kids were just so ridiculously cute and the weather was perfect.  WARNING:  Picture Overload.  
The first day we ate lunch at the Shrimp Basket (our favorite!!), hit up the beach and pool, and ate supper at Steamers.  Dude absolutely loved the ocean.  He laughed and smiled the entire time!  The beach wore my sweet girl out.  She couldn't stay awake for more than 2 hours at a time before she needed a nap.  

 That one got him:)

I mean, how cute are they in their matching swimsuits?  All of their outfits matched
LOVE my little crabs.
After we ate dinner, Rudy and I took the kids to the Track to ride go-carts.  

The next day it was a bit chilly in the morning, so we hung around the condo & swam in the indoor pool!  The cool weather didn't keep me from my morning coffee on the balcony or papaw & dude from babe watching.

 After naps, we headed to the beach!

That night, we ate at Shrimp Basket, yet again!  We can't get enough of their seafood.  After dinner, we went to a souvenir shop & dude held a hermit crab for the first time.  He said "come out lil crab"  "he'll bite you"

Rudy, dude, and I slept in a king bed with a noise machine, Annie slept in a pack-n-play in the living room with a noise machine, and Connie & Jimbo slept in the spare bedroom.  Noise machines are a MUST for our family!  On the our last day, the kids took a 3 hour nap at the same time, so we all got a good break- we would take turns staying in the condo while they napped.  

That night we went to The Wharf with all the "Fancy Nancy's".  The yacht show was in town and you would have thought Alabama was Beverly Hills.  I'm talking bring your dogs to dinner & leave your kids with the nanny kind of peeps.  They cringed when we sat down to eat with our 6 month old and 2 year old.  We didn't let them spoil our fun though.  We thoroughly enjoyed dinner & the ferris wheel.

We got locked out of the condo our last night, but thankfully (after 45 minutes of trying to locate a key) we made it back in.  Whew.  We slept good the last night and headed home the next day!  The girls were a bit peppier than the boys were.  It was early.
We all bought matching shirts to be funny.  We cool like dat.
We had a blast & were so thankful for such special family time!

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