Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Growing Babies- 6 & 30 months!!!

Big milestones are happening round here.
Time tells me that I have a six month old and a two and a half year old.  How is this possible?  Didn't I just bring both of them home from the hospital?  Father time is one little sneakster, I tell ya.  However, I do feel, for the most part, that I soak up as much time as I can with both of my children.  There are rough moments, but the good outweighs the bad tenfold.  So, I'm gonna pull up my big girl pants (that have green beans on them) and try to type out this post and not cry or curse father time.

My Dearest Annie June,
We're halfway there.  Halfway to being a one year old!  You see, I am very proud of your growth and accomplishments, but I know that soon you won't need me as much.  Soon you will be all about daddy.  And soon, you will be an adult reading this blog with a baby of your own.  My precious baby girl, you are the light of our lives. We love you every minute of every single day, even when you scream all night long because you have an ear infection.  You are the most perfect addition to our family.
Here's what you're up to these days...

  • You are doing some serious teething, but no pearly whites just yet!  Your favorite chew toy is a chicken bone!
  • You weigh 16.5 pounds, wear 6-9 month clothes, and size 1 shoes.  
  • I'm not a big fan of babies who can't walk wearing shoes, but you do have a few pairs.
  • You currently have double ear infections and an appointment with an ENT.
  • I'm sorry that you and dude both got my sucky ears.
  • The other day we layed out and you loved it.
  • You are loving springtime!
  • YOU ARE SO NOSY.  I mean, it is bad.  If we are anywhere exciting, you fight sleep because you don't want to miss a thing!  You pop off while nursing all the time to see what's going on around you. 
  • You just went through a few nights where you would not go to bed.  I snapped this picture at 11:30 PM.
  • How could I be mad at that sweet face?
  • You're sitting up pretty good and love your bumbo. 
  • You are already army crawling!  I'm not exaggerating, I've seen you scale the entire living room.  If you want it, you find a way to get it.  
  • You are also trying to pull up in your crib.  
  • You are doing things crazy fast & I can't wrap my head around it, nor am I ready for it. 
  • Brother climbed in your crib for a visit the other day
  • I've got to get a door lock on your door.
  • You went to Target for the first time a few weeks back.  You're gonna love it like your momma.
  • BIG NEWS- You're eating baby food now!  
  • I don't want you to be picky like brother, so I'm making your baby food.  Sayonara Gerber!  You love carrots, peas, and avocados.  You're not crazy about squash, bananas, and green beans, but you'll eat them.  So far, so good.
  • You love to be loved on.
  • It's not hard to get a picture of you smiling because you do it all the time.
  • You are the happiest, smiliest baby I've ever seen.
  • You are obsessed with brother.  He can make you laugh and smile like no one else can.
  • He thinks you're pretty cool too.
  • You are a momma's girl fo sho.
  • Here's our little family.
  • It's damn near impossible to get a good picture.
  • I put way too many headbands on you, so grow some hair soon please.
  • You like to swing in the garage & in the backyard at Papaw's and Grammy's.  
  • Cool brother gives you a good push when you need one.  It's almost always a rough one.
  • Loud noises scare you.
  • You love to be on your tummy! 
  • You are the sweetest baby in the world.
  • We love your six month old baby bones!
My Dearest Dude,
My two and a half year old baby boy.  I don't even know where to begin.  We've taught you a lot in just a few years, but you've taught us more.   When I became your mother, I learned more about myself, a baby, and the good Lord than I ever thought possible.  I never knew "A Father's Love" until I pushed you out of my body.  It is a perfect & forgiving love.  If we're not talking about you, then we are thinking about you.  People can look at you & your sister and tell that y'all are dearly loved.  I don't say that to brag, but I do take pride in the happiness of my children.   
Here's what you're up to these days...
  • You weigh around 31 pounds.
  • You wear 2T pants, 3T shirts, and size 8 shoes.
  • You still LOVE the cookie store.
  • Please forgive me for this.  
  • The other day, we had a hilarious conversation about your balls in the bath tub.  It went something like this- "What dat Mommy."  "That's your balls, Hagan"  "Baaallllsss, hey balls (while looking down at them)"  "Take off balls"  "No, we can't take off your balls"  "Be sweet to balls" "Yes, that's right we have to be sweet and easy with your balls"  "Muah, he loves balls"
  • HAHAHAHA.  Where's daddy when you need him?
  • You are a daddy's boy and ask where he is all the time.
  • You went to the movie for the first time!  You loved every minute of it.
  • You made it about half-way through the movie before you wanted to get out of your chair and start exploring.  
  • You smiled and kissed me during the movie because you were so thankful.
  • You love school and you've made me some pretty cute crafts that have made their way to the fridge.
  • You like to put things on sister's head and then laugh.
  • You are still a picky eater.
  • And you aren't potty-trained.
  • In fact, now you hate the potty.  Grrr.
  • Sometimes you wanna be a baby.
  • You throw together sentences like it's nobody's business now.  
  • I hear all the time "Mommy hooolllddd yooouuu"  
  • You say so many funny things.  
  • You can sing the chorus of delta dawn (your own version), but can't sing your ABC's.  Where have we gone wrong?
  • When you're acting spunky, we call you Jody and swiper.  Mammy nick-named you Jody and swiper came from Dora.  
  • You long to be outside.
  • Papaw loves to watch you play in his backyard.
  • You love to test your limits.  

  • You're the only one who can eat a honeybun and drink milk on my Pier 1 couch.
  • Sometimes instead of napping, you browse a book and ride your toys.
  • You and buddy are still best friends.
  • Some days you won't leave my side and some days you could care less if you even see me.
  • But a day doesn't go by where you don't kiss me on the lips.  It makes me feel so loved and appreciated.  I love that sweet side of you.
  • You make me happy, oh so happy.
  • We love you sweet boy!

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