Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mommy & Me

Annie is at such a sweet, chubby, loving stage right now.  She's smitten with her mommy and lights up when I walk into the room.  I'm her favorite person in the whole world right now, but one day I won't be.  One day we will argue.  One day she will think I'm bossy & trying to ruin her life.  One day I won't be cool to her anymore.  But today is not that day, today she adores me & I can do no wrong.  I wanted to capture this special moment in pictures and today we did just that!
031713_0016 copy
031713_0015 copy
031713_0007 copy
031713_0023 copy
031713_0004 copy
031713_0012 copy
031713_0020 copy
031713_0017 copy
Love my sweet girl.


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