Tuesday, March 5, 2013


A lot has been going on lately and I know you're all just dying to hear about it, so here goes.
Bullet Style.
  • We were all sickies a few weeks ago.
  • Rudy had pneumonia, dude had the start of pneumonia, I had a sinus infection and possible walking pneumonia, and noon was stuffy.  I was an antibiotic giving, booger sucking, breathing treatment giving,  temperature taking, exhausted momma for a solid 10 days.  

  • I regret to inform you that we all woke up snotty again this morning, which is about right cause Rudy just left.  
  • At least dude keeps a good sense of humor through it all.

  • I mean that kid is HELPFUL.  

  • "I feed Annie"  
  • I'm afraid that I'm gonna look over one day and she's gonna be latched on, haha.
  • We enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Natchez to celebrate Brittany & Cully's wedding.

  • Intruder beware, we have a new security system.  We now have cameras in the children's room & have turned into major spies.  
  • We like to see this

  • Not this

  • HAHA
  • Rudy loves it, because he can see the kids while he's at work.  He's been known to text me early in the morning to report that dude is out of his bed.  
  • Annie June's still sucking her thumb.

  • The hygienist in me wants to stop it, but it soothes her & I can't resist this smile.
  • Her and dude are total BFFs

  • Together they can conquer the world.
  • Not only am I a mom, but I'm the family accountant.  See.
  • That right there is corporate taxes & a baby leg, folks.  It's all about multi-tasking around here.
  • Dude's happy place is still the "cookie tore"  

  • They know us by name.  
  • Dude's rocking his Hagan Dude shirt & no shoes.  I went to get him out of the car seat & realized he wasn't wearing shoes.  Did we turn around and go home?  Nope, we rolled with it. 
  • Annie's happy place is in her momma's lap
  • Isn't she so pretty?
  • Sometimes she gets mad at me for taking too many pictures.

  • We went to Toys-R-Us for the first time the other day & then hit up the mall play area.   They were both big hits.

  • While we were at the mall, Annie had a blow-out and we didn't have a spare outfit.  This was the best we could come up with.
  • Isn't that hilarious??!!  The little fashionista didn't approve.  
  • Here are her 4 month stats.
  • These are my two favorite boys in the whole wide world.
  • My big boy swings by himself now.

  • When we are well, we go to the park!

  • Dude goes to MMO for a few hours on Thursdays.  I'm so thankful for his sweet teacher who sends me sweet pictures like this one.
  • I love these two bald heads in our bed.
  • A few weekends ago, we supported Team Moulder!  They raised around 50,000 dollars and we were so happy to be a part of it.  

  • It only took us 20 minutes to get dude out of that darn space jump.  We had to bribe him with ice cream.
  • Just look at that sweet sleeping sister.  Sometimes when she is hungry, I let her latch onto my lips.
  • It takes serious self-control to not take a bite out of my precious children.
  • Except for when they act like this.  
  • It's ok to giggle.
  • Just keeping it real.  It's not all sunshine and roses round here.  Sometimes it's a grouchy momma and pissed off kids.  
  • However, I love them with all of my being, even when they are complete jerks.  They are my gifts, my forever loves. 
  • Whew, I think we are all caught up now.  


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