Friday, February 8, 2013

Growing Babies!!!

Annie June just turned 4 months old and Hagan Jude just turned 28 months old.  They have overcome so many milestones within the past few weeks & are really getting fun! I mean, just look at their cuteness all up in my bed.
I can assure you that they have the best sugar ever.

Here's what my sweet noon is up to...

  • She is a momma's girl.  Don't get it twisted.

  • We call her noon, noonie girl, squirrel, and sister.
  • Dude mostly calls her baby.
  • Dude loves her.  The other day he told me "Hold baby" so I let him hold her, then he said "Take picture."  Haha, he knows what's up:)
  • However, he temporarily lost it last week and head-butted her, which resulted in 2 bruised noggins and 2 crying babies.  Why dude, why?
  • When she's not being head-butted, she smiling!  All. of. the. time.

  • I've never seen a happier baby.
  • She sleeps around 10-12 hours at night and takes a few naps during the day.  She can't stay awake over 3 hours before getting grouchy!  I prayed for a sleeper and a sleeper is what I got.
  • Speaking of sleep, she likes to bury her face into things while she sleeps. It stresses me out!  See.

  • She was snoozing away in that picture. 
  • She spits up a lot.
  • When she chuckles out loud, I could just eat her.  You think she'd mind if I take a plug out of her chunky thighs?
  • Speaking of chunky thighs, I can't stop buying summer bubbles to show them off.  It's a problem.
  • She's excited about our beach trip coming up!

  • She still hates her car seat.  Dude will tell her "Stop cying An-nie" and "Be quiet baby"
  • He was kind enough to play his flute right in her ear the other day.
  • This is what goes down when brother goes to bed:)  Mommy and noon time!

  • I still dress them in matching pajamas sometimes.

  • Still strictly breastfed, though we may try rice cereal sometime this month.
  • She goes for her 4 month shots and check-up next week, but I'm guessing she's close to 16 pounds.
  • Even though she is chunky, her bone structure is petite.  A lot of clothes fall off her narrow little shoulders!
  • Ladies and gentlemen, we have a thumbsucker.  

  • I constantly try to give her a paci, but she's just not a fan.
  • She enjoyed a picnic at the park the other day and her very first boat ride!

  • I'm glad that I had a boy and a girl.  They are two totally different creatures- both great, just very different!
  • She's gonna be my valentine:)
Here's what my sweet dude is up to...
  • I know I say this every time, but he is SO FUN! Here he is happy as a lark in the "cookie tore"

  • We have a weekly date to the cookie store.  He kisses me the entire time we're in there because he is so happy.  LOVE.
  • He is a daddy's boy big time.

  • He's cutting his top 2nd molars, the bottom ones are fully in.
  • He weighs 30 pounds.
  • He loves his sister.

  • Sometimes they look alike and sometimes they look so different.  They favor each other a lot when they sleep.

  • Dude's really into cause and effect these days.  He wants to know what will happen if he hits you, or pours his drink out, or throws things, etc.  The effect is always a scolding or spanking, so me thinks this stage won't last long.
  • Potty training, Schmotty training.  Blah.
  • He has a habit of waking up around 3 AM.  Double Blah.
  • His new favorite show is Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  
  • As Lea says, he's got the man thing down- grilling, no pants, and a football shirt.  

  • His favorite phrase right now is "Whaaattt Daaaattt?"  
  • He says it 99 times a day.
  • This is the face he gives when he says it.

  • My big boy likes to take showers now.
  • He loves to tell things hey.  I hear  "Hey Mommy" all day long.
  • We make it a point to get out of the house every day.  Some activities we enjoy are the park, playing outside, planetarium, cookie store, and boating.  

  • We also love play dates with Buddy.

  • Here are some cute things he's said-  "Wubbie where are yoooouuuu" (when he frantically searches for wubbie)  "Let's Roll" (when he gets ready to leave) "That's nuff"  (when he realizes he's acting like a jerk)  "He loves baby" (when he kisses Annie's head)  "Mommy hold you" (when he wants me to pick him up)
  • He can say his prayers all by himself!!  They go like this--- "Bless Daddy, Bless Me, Lul You God, AAAAMMMEENN."  When he says amen, he raises his hands and it melts my heart.  I tell him every time that he left out Mommy and Annie.  I guess boys rule, girls drool.
  • He can name almost any alphabet letter that you hold up, but can't sing the alphabet song.  He is so smart, but has trouble saying long sentences and singing long songs.  His sweet little brain gets all jumbled, but it is so cute!  The longest song I've heard him sing correctly is "Jake and Nevland Pirates and Meeeee." 
  • He is so expressive!  
  • He's a climber.
  • That pic seriously cracks me up!
  • He knocked over Grammy's flower pot and did this a few weeks ago.
  • Whoops.  I'm happy to report that the stains came right out.  Whew, I thought we were gonna have to buy them new carpet.
  • You better not leave floss lying around or this will happen.
  • Look at those guilty feet at the top of that picture.
  • He is oh so cute in his rain gear.
  • I am so grateful for him.
  • He's gonna be my valentine too:)

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