Sunday, January 13, 2013

Growing Babies!!!

My two lovies are getting so big.  Annie June's smile & Dude's spunky personality brings joy to my life every single day.  I would be amiss to say that there aren't hard days when daddy is gone, but we make it and I couldn't love them anymore if I tried.
I mean, just look at these chunky baby legs up in my bed!


The squirrel is 3 months old now!  Here's what she's up to...
  • She getting so big!

  • I'd say she's around 15 pounds.
  • She's a momma's girl for now.

  • She still smiles all the time, but has been fussy this last week for some reason.  She HATES her car seat!

  • She gets better once we're in a moving car.
  • Speaking of crying, she has the most annoying cry ever.  It's like a screaming cry and I know that sounds awful, but I'm just being honest.  
  • She keeps an eye on big brother at all times.  She's a little scared of him.  See.

  • That pic cracks me up! 
  • She has BM issues, so she's on a Miralax regimen to help.
  • Still strictly breastfed.
  • She goes to sleep around 10 PM, wakes up at 6 AM to nurse, then back down until 10 AM.  We have had a few all-nighters here and there though.  Of course they happened when daddy's at work!
  • She loves to take naps during the day, but we try to limit those so she will sleep at night! 
  • She loves to be held all. of. the. time. & is the best snuggler.  She loves to sleep on Papaw and Grammy.

  • She's spoiled rotten.
  • She also loves Mammy a lot.
  • She has rolled over 3 times from stomach to back.  She did it when she was pitching a fit in her crib at Grammy's because we put her down.
  • How dare we?
  • She spits up a lot and on everyone that holds her, especially Tia.
  • She also loves to grab hair. She always has a fistful of someone's hair.
  • We've started trying out the bumbo, johnny jumper, and walker.  She's still a little small for them, but they keep her content for a few minutes!  She has always had amazing head control, someone thought she was 6 months old the other day.

  • Because she is such a good baby when she's being held, we take her to big church with us.
  • Both kids love their Pappy!

  • Hair is brown (what little she has), eyes are blue, and she's in size 2 diapers.
  • She's my lovie girl.
My dude just turned 27 months and here's what he's up to...
  • He. is. hilarious.
  • He calls Rudy "baby daddy" and "daddy pig" and he calls me "mommy rabbit"  How funny!
  • I now call Rudy my baby daddy.  We have gotten the biggest kick out of this.
  • Speaking of baby daddy, he and dude are thick as thieves.  They spend every moment together when daddy is home.

  • This was dude's response when daddy got out of the car.  Whew, he's a daddy's boy!

  • We go on dates to the cookie store.  He gets so excited to pick out his cookie, but always picks the one with m & m's.  We like to go there, because they don't mind if he acts crazy and jumps on the benches or crawls on the tables:)  

  • We're still slowly but surely potty training.  
  • His appetite has gotten a lot better.  I really hope I didn't just jinx us.
  • When he wants something to eat he says "he likes ______".  For example, "he likes moon pie."
  • He talks in the third person, but instead of saying I or me he calls himself "he".  For example, he says, "he love baby."  "he jump on bed"  "he can't find wubbie"  
  • It has been so rainy, so we broke out the good ole crayons and paint.

  • He also discovered play-doh for the first time.  We only had to tell him 30 times not to put it in his mouth!
  • He likes to take a bath with his momma.  Actually, both children do, which is why my tub looks like this.
  • When it's not raining, we are doing something outside.  Here we are trying out the double stroller!
  • He sleep 12 hours at night and takes a 2 hour nap during the day.
  • He started back at MMO this week and seems to really enjoy it.
  • He likes to tell things hey.  "hey fireplace"  "hey couch"
  • Our backyard provides baseballs, four-wheelers, golf clubs, footballs, and ford trucks.

  • It's definitely a boy backyard! 
  • "I pump"
  • The other day, I heard him say "I lul you wubbie" and "feed wubbie" (while he had his shirt lifted up and wubbie to his breast) 
  • In case you're new here, wubbie is a white, dingy blanket that mom bought at a garage sale for a quarter and dude absolutely loves it & sleeps with it every night.
  • He just learned shapes and loves choo choo trains.
  • He got a fresh little haircut the other day

  • We have play dates with sweet Buddy.

  • They are such monkeys!  Right when they walk in the door, Buddy tells Sarah "shoes", she takes them off, and he runs straight to dude's bed.  He thinks it's so cool that he can get in and jump!  
  • Dude likes to hijack sister's stuff & also play in the mud.  He can scout out a mud puddle from a mile away, I swear!

  • He's my dude.

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