Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Day in the Life

Here is an example of a day in our life when daddy is gone.
I want it recorded, so I can remember what life was like with two small children.
6:00 I hear Annie stirring in her crib, so I go get her before she wakes up brother.  I change & nurse her.
6:30  I put her next to me and we both go back to sleep.
8:00 I wake up and take a bath.
8:30 Dude wakes up.  He uses the potty and we love on each other for a few minutes.  He is so sweet in the morning! He requests a smoothie and eggs.  I oblige.  I take him to the potty after he eats, but he refuses to go.
9:30 I brush his teeth and get him ready for the day.  We play for a while, I hurt myself doing the "airplane" and remind myself that I need to get back in the gym.  He uses the potty and gets pee all over the floor.  Grrr.
10:30 Sister wakes up.  That girl likes to sleep:)  I nurse & then change her.  We FaceTime daddy!
11:00 Take dude to potty again & fix me and dude a milkshake.  To my surprise, he eats it (it had spinach in it).  Sister hangs out in her swing, while I drink my shake and pump b/c I'm feeling "full."  Such a glamorous life, huh?
11:30  She is OVER the swing.  Dude has now asked to watch Mickey 55 times, so I put it on double count (aka 2 episodes) and we all sit on the couch and watch Mickey Mouse.  We're trying to cut back on TV time, although I'm quite certain Mickey taught him his shapes and how to count to 13.  Meanwhile, sister is talking away and smiling at me.  I love her a lot when she's not screaming;) I give her 2 oz of pear juice with some Miralax in it because it's been 3 days since BM.
12:00 Things start to get hairy.  I still need to clean the kitchen from our milkshakes, dude's begging for goldfish, Annie is screaming because she's sleepy, and dangit I forgot about the dribbled piss all over the floor.
So, I clean the kitchen while holding Annie, pour out goldfish for dude, and half-way wipe up the dribbled piss.  I lay Annie down for a nap & put dude back on the potty.  He walks in the living room and starts playing while I'm picking up.  After about 10 minutes, I notice he has no pants on.  I put that baby some pants on and put him down for a nap.  But wait, wubbie is not there.  Dude yells" Get wubbie, need wubbie, want wubbie."  I freaking get it dude! We both frantically search for wubbie and find him, thank goodness.  Dude finally goes down!
1:00 Both kids are down, hallelujah!  I decide to do an insanity work out on dvd.  Ha.
1:30  I'm about to die, so I quit early and take a bath.
2:00 Sister wakes up from her nap hungry, so I nurse and change her.
2:45 Dude wakes up and pees in potty.
3:00 Dude and I have a snack, play a while, and they both start fussing for some reason.
4:00  Tia saves the day!  Annie goes down for a short nap & Tia watches the kids while I run errands.
4:45 I'm back and Annie is hungry.  She nurses and I change her, while Tia gives dude a bath.  I beg Tia to clean up dude's potty mess and she kindly does.
5:00 I cook supper.  We eat and visit.
5:30 Mammy comes, she's staying the night!!  (she normally stays 1-2 nights when Rudy is gone)  Tia leaves & Mammy watches the kids while I clean!
6:45 Annie goes down for yet another short nap.  We play with dude and he drinks his nightly milk.  He uses the potty again.
7:30 Sister's back up and hungry!  I nurse and then get dude ready for bed.
8:00 Put dude down, but he doesn't wanna go, so Mammy rocks him.
8:30 I hold a fussing Annie, trying to keep her awake so she'll sleep all night! Dude finally goes to sleep. Mammy plays with a grouchy Annie while I get ready for bed.
9:00 Mammy and I get the squirrel ready for bed & chit chat. She nurses, I crank out this blog, and read my Bible.  I missed last night, so I do extra.
10:15 I go to sleep!
Wash, Rinse, and Repeat.
Whew, are you exhausted?  I'm sure that I missed a few details here and there, but you get the picture.   They are a lot of work, but they are so very special and sweet.  I have to give a shout-out to my amazing family who help me when I need it.
P.s. I didn't proofread, I'm a rebel like that.

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