Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Christmas Vacation

The Rhodes family went to Roosevelt State Park this past weekend for a little Christmas vacation.  
Fun was had by all, but lawsy it was a lot of work to pack & take care of 2 small children when on "vacation".  I need a vacation from our vacation.
Ya feel me?
Here we are all packed up minus a trunk full of other things.
Our cabin for the weekend.
It was old and kinda dingy, but the view of the water & perfect weather made up for it!  On our drive to the cabin, we passed through where I grew up.  Talk about a drive down memory lane.  I never realized how much I took growing up in the country for granted.  I walked outside to either a cotton, corn, or soybean field every single day. When there wasn't some sort of crop growing, there was bright green rye grass that was so beautiful during the dreary winter months!
While the view out front was pretty, it wasn't nearly as beautiful as the view in the backseat.
He takes my breath away sometimes. You see his snowman face planted next to him?  Sorry snowman.
Once we arrived, we hit up the playground.  My sweetness loves a playground.
Here he is confused because  I let him ride in my lap on the very short drive to the playground.

Papaw had fun feeding the ducks and dude had fun chasing the ducks.
The first night was just family!  Here's the Rhodes grandchildren.
They love Annie and Dude a lot.  

We played charades and card games- a Rhodes tradition.
I promise Annie was there.
Case taught Grammy the gangnam style dance, haha!
Jimbo enjoyed the CMA Christmas special, while covering up with Annie's pink blanket and drawing on the magna doodle :)
The next day was come one, come all!  We had visitors pop in and out all day, but the sweetest visitor was this little guy.
A smocked Buddy!
Here is a classic Jay shot.  I swear I have 3 separate pictures where he's double hipping buddy and dude!
Here's my pretty friend Sarah.  We've known each other since girl scouts & love each other's children like they are our own!
Here's Jay and Noonie
I was in charge of the food, thank goodness To To helped!
Hagan loves Colt
We had a great time, but we missed Rudy terribly.  He's been running 4 rigs by himself for the past few days with no sleep, so I pray this weather will allow him to be with us Christmas night! 
P.S. Tomorrow is not only Jesus's birthday, but it's mine too!!  
Later Christmas Gators...

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