Monday, December 10, 2012

Growing Babies!!!

The babies are growing!  The babies are growing!
How dare they?

Annie June just turned 2 months old & brings more joy into our home than we ever thought she would!
Here's what she's up to...

  • We just went to the pediatrician today and her weight is 13 lbs. (95th percentile) height is 23 1/2" (90th percentile) and head circumference is 15" (30th percentile)
  • So, basically she's a big girl with a small head. 
  • Go big girl what you gone do.
  • I'm sorry, I had to:)
  • She smiles constantly.

  • I think she's gonna be a daddy's girl.

  • She has laughed out loud!
  • She has expressions like dude and that makes me really happy.  
  • The older she gets, the more she looks like him.
  • Her happy place is sprawled out in my lap.  I'm fairly certain she could stay there all day.

  • She arches her sweet little eyebrow like my friend Cary does.  LOVE IT
  • She's quite drooly and roots around constantly.  It takes her FOREVER to find a comfortable nap spot.  The first offspring took great naps, but not this one.
  • This one, however, sleeps through the night!  Way to go my sweet squirrel.  I use the term sleeping through the night lightly because we still have a few short wake ups throughout the night from time to time, but nothing a paci and a little butt patting can't fix:) 
  • She went all night without eating at 7.5 weeks.  She starts out in her bed at 10:30 PM and sleeps until 6 AM. I was really scared to write that sentence because I don't want to jinx!!!
  • The sound of a hair dryer knocks her out.  She's my girl alright!  I go to sleep with my hair dryer almost every night and evidently  it has rubbed off on the squirrel. 
  • The girl has tummy issues.  She only has a BM about once a week, with the help of a suppository.  Dude was the same way for a little while, so Miralax here we come!
  • She's my favorite girl in the whole world.

  • Can you tell we love her?

My other sweetness just turned 26 months old and is one cool dude!
Here's what he's up to...
  • We are in full-blown potty training mode.
  • Some days are GREAT, some days are TERRIBLE.
  • He is still pretty young to be potty-trained, so we are taking it slowly and trying to keep our sanity. 
  • He's 36" tall and weighs around 28 pounds.
  • I could eat his face off when he's being sweet!

  • He is so stinking funny.
  • He has the best sense of humor of any two year old I know.

  • We had about 5 days of pure hell with dude.  I mean, it was really bad.  So bad that I thought about making an appointment with the pediatrician to make sure nothing was wrong.   I thought, if this is the "terrible twos," one of us may not make it out alive!  Turns out, that sweet boy was cutting his second molars!  The dental hygienist in me should have known, although he is cutting them a little early.
  • Carla even noticed his wretched behavior and told me I needed a switch.  
  • Ha, turns out we just needed Orajel.  I'm so sorry dude!
  • I'm happy to report that he is much better now.  
  • He can still throw a mean toddler tantrum though.  He is getting better at controlling his caveman emotions and our discipline strategy is "just walk away."  
  • He likes to line up random things and make choo choo trains with them.  Case in point these water bottles.
  • We try to do one fun activity a day, whether it be the park or a short trip outside.  He is a child that requires stimulation.  He is not happy just sitting inside all day (what kid is??)  We are both happier when we get out of the house!

  • The other night, he named 20 out of 23 letter of the alphabet (we lost 3 of them).  
  • He likes to count things, but messes up when he reaches 6.
  • He gives sister kisses at least once a day, but isn't bad about wanting to mess with or hold her all of the time. YET!
IMG_8935 copy

  • He LOVES LOVES LOVES piggy back rides.  He asks for one daily and I oblige:)
  • We have brought out the Christmas books and it makes my heart smile when he points out baby Jesus.
  • I cannot stop putting him and sister in matching Christmas pajamas. It. is. a. problem.
  • Some cute things he's said are: "put sister down"   "watch mick mick mouse clubhouse" "Can't have it"  "Turn light on Play Daddy" (when he's suppose to be going to bed)  "Get down, Take out"  (when he wants out of his high chair)  "I'm gonna get you."  (when he's chasing us)  "Hey Tinsel, Can't touch it" (when he sees our elf on the shelf)  and my favorite "That's funny"  
  • He's learning to eat with a spoon.  I think it's harder for him because he is a lefty!
  • One day he will eat everything in sight, the next day we couldn't bribe him to eat.
  • We love visits from co co.

  • He's obsessed with daddy and papaw.
  • He loves watching youtube on our phones.
  • He's my favorite dude in the whole world.

IMG_8958 copy
  • Can you tell we love him too?
P.S. I'm sorry most of these pictures are instagram repeats.  You can follow me @jessi1225 if you would like to see more of these growing babies!  I promise to bring out the big girl (no not annie, jk) my canon soon.  Hope y'all are enjoying the holidays...

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