Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Recap

Christmas is over, but I never cranked out a blog on our Christmas activities & I have lots of cute pictures, so here we go!
One of my favorite Christmas traditions is going to Ash & Linda's house for dinner.  She always cooks a divine 6 course meal and is such a gracious host!  We thoroughly enjoy our visit with them.
They just bought a new home & it is decorated so beautifully.
The small boys had fun playing!
As did the big boys!
Boys will be boys:)
June and Annie June
Linda & Annie June
Looky looky who showed up!!!
Cousin isn't too fond of Santa Claus.
Linda cooked a 6 course meal!!!
I only have pictures of 3 courses, because hunger took over and I'm a fatty.
The little boys joined us this year!  They only made it through two courses though before we heard "get down and play"
Not only does my SIL cook, but she's styling in her furry boots!
LOVE him.
IMG_9249 copy
Dude entertained us with his "monica"

Every year of my life, we have drove around and looked at Christmas lights.  This year was no different and it was so fun with a talking dude.  We heard  "oooh"  "dats cool"  "woooowww" and we even let him ride illegally through the neighborhood.

The drive through manger scene was pretty cool.

Con and I decorated a gingerbread train and dude tore it down in 5 seconds.

The audacity!
I dressed sister up in Christmas dresses and ridiculous hats!
I got to browse my new favorite magazine that they discontinued!  Do you love magazine subscriptions like I do?  Why oh why do they cancel all the good ones?  Grrrr.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have an elf on the shelf.

His name is Tinsel and dude LOVES him.

We watched classic Christmas movies at Grammy's house & read our Christmas pop-up books!

Dude loved Peter Rabbit's Christmas special!  He enjoyed it so much, that I may buy it so we can watch it every year when the children are little.

Of course the kids got way too many presents.

We took a trip with Mammy to the Agricultural Museum.  I hated we didn't make it to Canton this year, but the Ag Museum definitely made up for it.  It wasn't all that decorated for Christmas, but dude absolutely LOVED it.  I highly recommend going on a pretty day, especially if you have a toddler boy who loves tractors and likes to run:)

 This poor goat was pregnant and a little out of her mind.  I told her that I totally understood her predicament, but at least she wasn't knocked up during the hot summer months like I was.  She then stuck her tongue out at me.

One Christmas tradition that I want to start is letting the kids pick out an ornament every year.  I'm a little behind, so I hope Hallmark still has ornaments and that they are 50 % off.
I love Christmas so much, but I'm glad it's over, decorations are put away, and my house is now glitter free!

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