Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Annie June's Room!!!

Drum Roll Please...

IMG_7805 copy
IMG_7782 copy copy
IMG_7835 copy copy
IMG_7785 copy
IMG_7814 copy
IMG_7813 copyIMG_7791 copy
IMG_7803 copy
IMG_7802 copy
IMG_7804 copy
IMG_7789 copy
IMG_7779 copy
IMG_7826 copy
IMG_7787 copy
IMG_7832 copy copy
IMG_7834 copy copy
IMG_7774 copy
IMG_7798 copy
IMG_7796 copy
IMG_7794 copy
IMG_7793 copy
IMG_7799 copy
IMG_7816 copy

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ROOM!  If I can get my act together, I plan on doing a break-down of the room soon.  You will not believe where we bought most of the stuff...  Also, these pictures were taken after dark, so the look of the room is totally different than during the day.   While I love the look of lamps & low lighting, it does NOT photograph well!  I'm going to take some more during the day with natural lighting from outside, so you can see the true colors!  

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Anonymous said...

Jessi i love it and she will too.can't wait to see you.


Kelly,Paul and Lizzy