Monday, July 2, 2012

What to Pack for the Hospital

Today, it occurred to me that dude's going to be 21 months old this week.  Then, I realized that in just 3 short months dude is going to be TWO.  
NEWSFLASH: Dude and Annie June have the same due date!!!
This baby is coming in 3 months.

Can you say small panic attack? 
So, my OCD personality kicked in and tonight I compiled a list of what to pack for the hospital stay!  I thought maybe, just maybe, it may help someone out there.  I also included some notes beneath:)

For Mommy:
Computer & Charger
Video Camera
Phone Chargers
Toiletries: TB, paste, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, big girl panties, pads, make-up, hairdryer, hairbrush, dust-it, ponytails, headbands
Notepad & Pens
List of people to call/text 
Nightgowns & Robes
Nursing Bras
Dirty Laundry Bag
Vitamin E Oil
Something to wear home and flip-flops

(I used Vitamin E Oil instead of lanolin.  Vitamin E Oil was my breast friend:)  All nightgowns are nursing friendly! I bought my gowns from motherhood maternity & T. J. Maxx.  In order to save room, I wore the same thing home that I wore to the hospital (you only wear it for a few minutes before they make you wear the ug hospital gown)  A personal must have for me is Aloette Hand & Silk Body Lotion in the pink bottle.  It smells so clean & fresh and helped me give birth!   I had such a great birthing experience last time, I HAVE to have the same lotion- how ridiculous is that? This time, I want to write down every step of labor in my handy notepad, along with who comes and visits.) 
For Baby: 
3 - 4 Newborn Size Outfits
Outfit for hospital pictures
Hats & Bows
Receiving Blankets
Emery Board for baby nails & Mittens
Door Hanger
(I said newborn outfits b/c all of the 0-3 month clothes I brought for dude were WAY huge.  I even think it's best to have a few cute premie outfits, just in case the sweet nugget is small.  I never could file dude's sharp fingernails down, so we wore mittens b/c he would gouge his face otherwise.  A sweet person will come to your room and tell you that she wants to take newborn pictures.  You think to yourself,  "thanks, but no thanks- I've already scheduled newborn pictures."  Don't do this.  Let them take the pictures!  It takes a total of 10 minutes, it's free, and if you decide to order, they are dirt cheap.  I ended up spending 35 bucks on a package deal & I wouldn't trade them for the world!  Hopefully, one day I will bring them to the hospital when Dude has his baby, so we can see if there are any resemblances.    Also, coming from a momma who had a cone head baby, please bring a few hats just in case:)
For Daddy:
Snacks & Gum
(I'm kind of kidding about the Xanax:) Bring cash & change for the vending machine.  We brought pillows from home last time and we were both SO glad we did.   Does dad have it easy or what?)

Don't even THINK about bringing diapers, wipes, shampoo, formula, breast pump (unless you want the lactation consultants to show you how to use it.)  The hospital will have all of that!!!  This list, if anything, is overkill.  Thanks for reading, hope it helps someone out there.

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Later Gators

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