Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend Getaways...

Do you love weekend getaways? 
We sure do!  One of our favorite places to go is Vicksburg.  Vicksburg offers civil war history, plantations, outlet malls, the best coffee in the entire world, and the great Mississippi River.  Because Rudy’s away from home for half the month, he doesn’t exactly want to head somewhere else, such as the beach for a week, so for now we settle for weekend excursions. I think it’s also easier on dude.
Here are some To-Do’s if you ever find yourself in Vicksburg, MS. 
  • Do stay at Diamond Jack's Casino with a balcony view overlooking the river.  We don't gamble, but we oh so very much enjoy their rooms:)  Their hospitality could be better, but the room makes up for it.
  • Do NOT miss the sunset over the Mississippi.  It will take your breath away.
  • Do bring help along if you are traveling with little people.
  • Do go swimming at the pool & play their big shuffleboard game if it's not too hot!
  • Do eat Solly's hot tamales by the pool.  They are my fav tamales!
  • Do make up silly pool games and secretly get very competitive.
  • Do make a trip to the outlet mall because they have fantastic deals. You can really rack up (pun intended) on baby/toddler clothes.  I went a little overboard in Gap, but you wouldn't believe the deals!!!  
  • Do buy dude a hat that he won't take off his head at OshKosh for half off:)
  • Do order a white chocolate frappe from highway 61 coffee house.  Please do this!  I drank 2 of them this weekend.  I know, I'm not suppose to drink caffeine, but I couldn't help myself.  Really.
  • Do NOT forget to bring "wubby"  (dude's blanket he carries when he gets sleepy)
  • Do go to the courthouse museum.  When you walk upstairs, the courtroom will take you back in time.  I can't explain it, but I get this eery feeling every time I go.  That courtroom changed many lives & don't you think for a second that people weren't hung from decisions made in that courtroom!  
  • Do try hard not to get mad at dude, when he plops down at the museum and acts like a brat.
  • Do eat at the Anchuca cafe, located in the Anchuca Mansion.  We ate there for lunch & got a free tour of the home.  And please eat some asparagus bisque for me if you do go.  It is divine.
  • Don't you wanna go now???
  • Do!
Seriously, we have the best time when we go.  The bigger the group, the funner the trip!  I just get this "feeling" when I'm there.  I can't explain it, but maybe it's the history & death the civil war brought that makes me feel that way.  Sidenote:  I think everyone should do a blog on their fav getaways & include the DO's.  Lovie, you are first.  I need you to do one on Natchez:)

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