Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh Baby!!!

This baby has a name!!  Allow dude to tell you:)

He may not love me, but at least he's got Annie's name down pat...  How cute is he saying Ayn-niee?
Her whole name is:


We may call her Anniston, we may call her Annie, or we may call her Annie June.  Right now we say Annie because it's the easiest for dude to say!  I mean, how cute is Annie Allen:)  My mother-in-law is super stoked that we are including "June" in this sweet little girl's name.  I am SO glad we have finally decided on a name.  Does anyone else get stressed over naming their offspring?
Not only does she have a name, but she has a crib too.  I'm almost a little too excited about it.  Here's a pic.

I found it for half off on a craiglist add & I also bought a mattress for 75% off that goes with it!  It was still expensive, but I plan on using it, loving it, and passing it down to grandchildren.  Since it's a bratt, it should last forever! 
Well, guess that's all for now!

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