Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day & Other Ramblings...

Tomorrow is a day specially devoted to Motherhood. 
God knows I am thankful for my mother.  She has taught me invaluable lessons & has always been there for me.  She is not only a mother, but an awesome grammy too.  I love you, Con.  I also want to wish my mother-in-law a happy Mother's Day!!  I have a very close relationship to both of my moms & talk to them daily.  Actually, I talk to both of them numerous times a day. 
  • My sister is hosting Mother's Day this year & I'm in charge of baked beans, butterfinger cake, and chocolate covered strawberries. 
  • Speaking of food, let me just tell ya'll what I ate yesterday- french onion soup, a cherry limeade, and fiesta potatoes from Taco Bell.  Talk about random pregnancy cravings. 
  • Rudy can not come home fast enough.  I've almost forgotten what he looks like (insert over-dramatic emoticon).  Thank goodness he will be home in a few days!
  • He called today and said he'd have a night guy tonight and it'll be the first time he will sleep on a bed, not a couch in weeks.  His strength amazes me.  He has been running successful oil rigs all by himself & I'm one proud wife.
  • My sweet darling dude has a "fever virus" that I'm pretty sure is a cold.  Does anyone else think this is a term used by pediatricians when they have no idea what is wrong with your child?  Anyway, he's been snotty with a fever & now he's coughing.  I'm praying it doesn't move down in his chest.  It scares me when viruses move into the chest b/c that opens a whole new can of worms- pneumonia, rsv, croup, etc. 
  • During the sick days, I bet he's said "momma" a billion times.  Every time he says it, it makes me feel needed and makes my heart swell.
  • We find out this Friday what this sweet baby is.  Up until now, I've though this nugget was a boy, but now I'm thinking it might be a girl.  Why you say?  Oh I will tell you.  Will tell you alright- my stomach is wide & high, my acne is out of control, and I look pale as if all the nutrients have been sucked out of me.  They say boys give you beauty and girls take it away.  It's kind of hard to be vain with braces, so I'm letting it go. I know it will be all worth it:)
  • Our house is still not sold.
  • Well, I smell dude's poo from across the room, so that's all for now.
  • Have a lovely Mother's Day!

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