Sunday, May 20, 2012


The sweet baby growing in my belly & sucking the life right out of me is a girl.  Sometimes, I still can't wrap my head around it.  I am so used to little boys (dude & 3 nephews), but very excited about this new journey. Here's how it all went down.
Friday, May 18, Rudy & I met my in-laws and my sister at the hospital to find out the sex of the baby.  We met Pete & June (my in-laws) in the parking lot before the appointment and out gets Pete with a pink balloon and pink corsage.  Notice I said before the appointment.  No blue was in sight- oh no, he knew it was a girl!  So in we walk & go straight back to the sono room.  During the entire sonogram, my sister & mother-in-law were yelling come on girl, come on girl.  She had her legs closed, so it took a while to get a good shot.  When the sonographer said, "I'm gonna have to go with girl."  The room exploded with excitement!  I was relieved because everyone wanted a girl so bad.  Rudy had wanted a boy and I honestly could have cared less.  By the time she found the girly parts, we were all so relieved & proud (even Rudy).  When we walked out of the room, everyone waiting was laughing & smiling because they heard all the commotion!!  So the balloons came in handy after all:)  We are thrilled that everything looked healthy & that we're having a girl.  I don't know what I did to deserve this wonderful life, but I know that my good Lord is behind it all.  Only he can write a story like mine & I am incredibly grateful.
Here is Pete with his balloon before the appointment.  He has the confused look because he's wondering where Hagan is.

Dude hasn't stopped playing with the "boon" since we brought it home.
Not only did we celebrate baby girl's announcement, but we also celebrated Rudy's 32nd birthday!  Friday we had a family get-together with great food & cousin fun.  They are both red-heads & only 3 months apart.  Dude taught "coco" some new tricks, like climbing on the couch.

Linda made Rudy's chocolate cake & it was fabulous!
Rudy, what a handsome man you are!  I'm really glad you were born:)  And that you chose me as your wife.  You were a seasoned 27 year old and I was a young, blonde 20 year old college student.  We were engaged only 2 months after dating & got married a year later.  We believe in "when you know, you know."  Almost 2 children later and you still rock my socks off.  Haha, that made me laugh out loud.  Seriously, I love you a lot.  Hope today was great!  Here's you and dude on your birthday.

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