Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dude is 19 Months!!!

Oh my sweet angel, you are now 19 months old.

Here's what you're up to...

  • You're gonna be a big brother to a little sister!!!
  • You are showing signs of potty training, but we haven't started yet!
  • You can count to 3.
  • That fever virus you had, turned into a cold, that turned into a sinus infection, that lasted almost 2 weeks, that infected me, mammy, pappy, grammy, and bapaw.  Can you say run-on sentence?
  • Luckily you had a boston terrier to snuggle with & make you feel better.

  • You have turned into quite the little parrot.  You repeat us a lot!
  • Tomorrow is the last day of MMO aka "school."  I'm sad that it's over & I know you will miss all your little friends.  Here's a pic of you that I snapped before school the other day.

  • I could eat you and your little nike's up!!!!
  • You still constantly get complimented on your red hair.
  • You still love youtube.  You call it "toutube"
  • When you're in the mood, you can make many animal noises.  I ask you what the rooster says at least once a day because I love the way you say, "doodle dooooo."
  • We are loving swim school!!!  I'm not sure if you're ever gonna learn how to swim because you are busy smiling the entire time:)

  • About 90 % of the time, you listen to me when I say NO.  We worked on this ALL of last month!
  • This month, you have decided to start hitting and biting.  We are still working on this.
  • I believe in discipline at a young age.  I can look in your eyes and tell that you are testing us.  You really are a sweet child deep down, but you definitely have your 'toddler can't control my temper moments'
  • Does it help that you always follow up your smacks with a kiss?  Absolutely.
  • I love you every minute of every day. 
  • Your gonna be such a good big brother. I hope;)

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