Friday, April 27, 2012

Heavy Heart...

Two days ago, I booked 3 unexpected plane tickets. 
Thursday- my mom's ticket to Michigan to be with family during the tragic passing of my cousin.
Friday- Rudy's ticket to go to Texas for 3 weeks.
Saturday-my dad's ticket to attend his brother's funeral in Tennessee.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?  Though my heart is heavy, my faith is staying strong.  It is hope in the Lord that gets us through the dark moments.  I just wish I could  be in 3 places at one time. 

My cousin was only 27 years old.  She had cancer & had an unexpected pregnancy, which resulted in a stillborn delivery of a baby girl.  She suffered complications from the delivery and her body just didn't have the strength to fight off the cancer and infection.  She passed away today.  No parent should have to bury their grandchild and then their own child.  My heart breaks for her mother, father, husband, sister, nephew, and other family members that she left behind.  Though her body remains in this world, her soul is in heaven.  Please join me in prayer for my family through this dark time, that they may find peace that only comes from the Lord. 

When we dropped Rudy off at the airport today, dude started crying.  It was the first time that he's related the airport with daddy leaving.  It.  I can only imagine what it did to Rudy's.  Both of us try really hard to never complain about his job situation.  We know that the alternative of not having a job would be worse, because we've been in those shoes.  However, it just seems harder and harder for him to leave, especially now that Hagan is older.  So if you could sneak in a little prayer for Rudy & dude, that would be great.

My Uncle Cecil had the prettiest, sparkliest, blue eyes in the whole world.  They glimmered when he told a joke, recited a poem, and laughed his precious laugh.  He was close to 80 years old, lived a beautiful life and passed away peacefully.  As always, prayers are welcome for the family &  safe travels for Jimbo.  I'm scared to death of him trying to find his way through the airport by himself.

Whew, it's been a tough week.   On Sunday, the preacher spoke about when you are weak, you are strong.  This never made much sense to me until now.  Though part of me wants to feel weak and mourn, my Spirit is strong.  God is with all of us all of the time.  He is what gets us through the hard circumstances...

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