Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter's on It's Way!!!

This year, I took dude's Easter pics in the backyard with props & my trusty Rebel.
I'm cheap like that.  Out of two thousand, I think we have a winner:)
IMG_7305 copy
Seriously, he is way cuter than the Easter bunny!!  However, I had to include the "outtakes"  and the captions of what dude was thinking.
"What the heck is she trying to pull now?"
"She's crazy if she thinks I'm gonna wear these."
"Maybe if I just ignore her, then she'll leave me alone."
"Did someone say popsicle?"
"Who do you think you're looking at?"
Here's my little bunny last year. easter11
I asked him if he would stop growing up and he politely replied, "no."

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lindsey chase said...

hahah Jessi I love this!! Hagan is the cutest! Hope you are doing well my friend! :)