Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Sweetest Thing...

Hey blog friends!!  How have you all been???

Personally, I have been feeling like a crap mom here lately.  We are thrilled about being pregnant, but first trimester fatigue has set in and set in hard. It's a totally different ball game this time around with a toddler!  So, due to the fact that it takes up all my energy just to take care of dude- I not only feel like a crap mom, but I look like one too.  Evidently dude has noticed, haha.  Here's the sweetest story.

Yesterday, Sarah and I loaded up the boys and headed out to Kinsley's first birthday party!  It was so much fun to see the little ones interact and fight over the same toys.  I didn't take one single picture (see crap mom), but they were all absolutely adorable and behaved so well.  Before the party, however, dude did the sweetest thing!

I put him down for a nap, so I could get ready for the party.  I curled my hair real big, put on full make-up, and dressed up (something that hadn't happened in weeks!)  I heard dude talking in his crib, so I walked into his room and when he saw me, he smiled real big.  I picked him up and he kissed me all the way to the kitchen.  It was like he looked at me and thought, "momma you look pretty."  He even took his little hand and turned my face to his so he could kiss me right on the lips.  I tried to get him to kiss my cheek so I didn't get lipstick all over him, but he wouldn't have it!  Then I got dressed and when I walked in, he looked me up and down and just smiled approvingly of my outfit.  It was one of the sweetest moments that we've had together and I never, ever want to forget it.  He was super sweet to me the entire day, constantly giving me kisses and loving on me.  Oh, momma's and their little boys!  I may just have to start dressing up, so I can get some sweet dude lovin:)  I love that this blog helps me reflect on the past & realize that I am so blessed.

I also wanted to take time & thank all of you who have called, texted, and facebooked us about Baby #2.  Just in case you were wondering..
It was planned
I will be 8 weeks tomorrow
Due date is October 15- same as dude's:)
I'm about to go take a nap
Love Love Love you all & thanks for reading!

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