Monday, March 12, 2012

Dude is 17 Months!!!

Around seventeen months ago, my life was forever changed.  Dude, my love for you continues to grow and you're my favorite person on the planet!  Well, except when you stand up in your high chair.  Your brain amazes me sometimes.  You are so smart & I love watching you grow and learn! 

Here's what you're up to:

  • You are definately in the "testing" stage.  You see just how far you can get before you get in trouble.
  • I said it once and I'll say it again, "You are ALL BOY."
  • However, you do have a sweet side and if you think we are upset with you, you give us a big kiss on the lips.
  • Your vocabulary is quite impressive.  
  • When it's sunny outside, we go to the park!

  • This was your reaction when we had to leave.
  • Buddy's first birthday is coming up soon & we're all excited!
  • You recently found a guitar & have been playing it nonstop ever since.  
  • You long to be datdide (outside)

  •  Don't worry, I took that pitiful baby datdide:)  Do you see that big ol' mean molar that's been giving my sweet baby trouble??
  • You have 10 teeth and 2 molars that are trying to break through.
  • You love pop pop (popsicles)
  • You also love to find and point to the moon
  • And you like to play with your monster trucks
  • You sleep around 12 hours at night & take around a 2 hour nap during the day!
  • When you're hungry, you  will either say, "bite" or "eat".  This is so wonderful:)
  • All of this pollen has gotten to you & caused you to cry all day when daddy first got home, but you're all better now!
  • Before bedtime every night we rock and I sing "bayou baby" and then we pray over you.
  • You are a creature of habit.  Every time we go datdide, you ALWAYS go straight to the lawnmower and sit for a while, ring the bell in the backyard, and smell the fake flowers.

  • You are amazed at weeds & love to pick/blow them.

  • The first time I showed you how to blow them, you put it straight in your mouth. hehe:)  
  • You are awesome, kid.
  • You're gonna be a big brother, aaahhh!!

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MS Crunchy Mama said...

Did I understand this correctly? Congrats!